5 Reasons to Attend the International Robot Safety Conference

5 Reasons to Attend the International Robot Safety ConferenceThe robotics industry is changing quickly. Robot sales are at an all-time high while new applications and new forms of robotic automation are constantly emerging. As the industrial and collaborative robots industry continues to evolve, safety standards are perpetually updated to keep up with the latest robotic innovations.

To promote productivity, remain in compliance to avoid fines, and maintain a safe working environment, keeping up to date with the latest robot safety standards is critically important. The International Robot Safety Conference (IRSC) is the best place to fine-tune your working knowledge of industrial and collaborative robot safety standards.

Why You Should Attend the International Robot Safety Conference

At IRSC 2018, robotics experts will examine key issues in robot safety while providing in-depth reviews of current industry standards. Here are 5 reasons you should attend this year’s IRSC:

  1. Benefit from the Latest in Robot Safety

Robot safety can be an indispensable component of overall productivity. When machines are kept in proper working condition, and downtime from injuries is minimized, operations are more productive. This year’s IRSC will cover the latest innovations in robotics and safety, helping you leverage this technology in a safe, productive way.

  1. Connect with Leaders in the Automation Industry

Leaders in the robotics and automation industry from around the world attend IRSC every year. Expand your professional network or even find your next big opportunity by connecting with key decision makers also interested in robot safety.

  1. Expand Your Knowledge of Existing Safety Standards

As mentioned, the rapid pace of change in robotics makes it important to stay up to date with the latest robot safety standards and best practices. At IRSC, robot safety standards, including those involved in drafting the standards in the first place, will speak to everything you need to know for robot safety in the workplace.

  1. Promote Your Brand

IRSC 2018 affords you the opportunity to represent your brand at a high profile robotics event with attendees from around the globe. You may also purchase a tabletop exhibit to promote your brand to leaders and decision-makers in the robotics industry.

  1. Get a Sneak Peek at Upcoming Safety Standards

Robot safety standards are continually being drafted and adjusted to reflect the current state of the robotics industry. At this year’s IRSC, attendees will get an exclusive preview of upcoming standards on end-effectors, testing methods for power and force limiting systems, a safety-related software technical report, and guidance for robot users.

IRSC 2018 will offer important information for robotics professionals who have a stake in safety at their workplace. In addition to getting ahead on upcoming safety standards, attendees will learn everything they need to know for compliance in today’s regulatory environment.