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Industrial safety is the policies and protections put in place to ensure the equipment and people at your plant or factory are protected from hazards that could cause injury. For example, the safety policies instituted by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) help to protect workers and property in industrial settings.

Some common industrial safety products include:

  • trapped key interlocks
  • machine guarding
  • electrical cabinets
  • apron covers
  • anti-collision devices
  • overload protectors
  • truss systems
  • safety relays
  • and more

Use these safety products to minimize hazards, risks, accidents, and near misses during your automation project.

Browse below to find the essential industrial safety products designed by our member companies that you need at your facility.




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Automated Assembly Lines Image

Automated Assembly Lines

TA Systems

TA Systems is a Leader in Assembly Line Automation and Test Systems for the automotive industry.

C201A: Control Unit 200 SERIES Image

C201A: Control Unit 200 SERIES

Inxpect SPA

PROFIsafe, Ethernet and digital I/O

C202A: Control Unit 200 SERIES Image

C202A: Control Unit 200 SERIES

Inxpect SPA

Ethernet and digital I/O

CleanSwitch Image


BBC Bircher Smart Access

Contact-free switch for convenient activation of entrances

CodeMeter SDK Image

CodeMeter SDK

Wibu-Systems USA

The CodeMeter SDK, the all-in-one solution for software protection, licensing and security, provides the ability to integrate license-based protection for Windows, macOS Arm, Linux, ARMhg, AArh64, PLCs, Android, and more.

Configurable Access & Control for Machine Guarding Image

Configurable Access & Control for Machine Guarding

Fortress Safety

Prebuilt Pushbutton Control Stations & Interlocks for Machine Automation

Defender™ Automated Barrier Door Image

Defender™ Automated Barrier Door

Rite-Hite Machine Guarding

Anywhere that a machine operator interfaces with a machine, robot or process is an ideal application for the Defender.

DOBOT CR10 Collaborative Robot Image

DOBOT CR10 Collaborative Robot


The versatile, easy-to-use cobot can improve the efficiency of manufacturing lines. DOBOT CR10 Collaborative Robot provides a wide range of valuable preferences to stand out, such as a 10 kg payload, ±0.03 mm repeatability, 1300 mm reach, and 6 axes, perfect for various applications, including palletizing, loading and unloading, et

DOBOT CR10S Collaborative Robot Image

DOBOT CR10S Collaborative Robot


Equipped with a collision detection feature, CR10S obtains a 7 cm ultra-long space sensing distance. CR10S cobot effectively protects the operator from injury within 0.01s fast