Inxpect SPA Product

C201A: Control Unit 200 SERIES

Model: 90301011

Inxpect SPA

PROFIsafe, Ethernet and digital I/O

Image of C201A: Control Unit 200 SERIES

C201A is the most advanced control unit for Inxpect safety radars, with the widest range of communication options. The Inxpect Safety Application allows the configuration of sensitivity levels, safety functions, size of detection fields, and the functionality of the I/O ports of the control unit.

Safety fieldbus
Currently supporting PROFIsafe fieldbus protocol.

Secure Ethernet
Remote configuration and management protected by industry standard cyber-security protocols.

Local configuration option.

Digital inputs
Two dual-channel inputs supporting the following functions:
• muting signal
• emergency stop signal
• restart signal

Four Output Signal Switching Devices
As safety outputs: two dual-channel safety OSSDs.
As auxiliary outputs: four auxiliary outputs, which can be configured to signal restart feedback, fault, muting status.

Dynamic detection fields
All detection fields can be dynamically modified in real-time: up to two detection fields for Inxpect SRE 100 Series and up to four detection fields for Inxpect SRE 200 Series.

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