Clutches / Brakes

Clutches / Brakes Image

Clutches and brakes are a common component used by automation professionals across industries.

Electromagnetic clutches, also referred to as electromechanical clutches, consist of an electromagnetic coil within a stator, a rotor, and an armature connected to the output. When an electric clutch is engaged, the coil is energized creating a magnetic field which pulls the armature plate to the stator, establishing a mechanical connection. An electromagnetic clutch also enables the motor to remain on while the load is idle. This offers you a faster cycle time and better overall system efficiency.

Electromagnetic brakes slow or stop motion using electromagnetic force to squeeze the inner and outer friction disks of the brake together. This creates mechanical resistance, also known as friction, which brakes the load. Electromagnetic brakes are often found in today' trains, trams and other public transportation vehicles.

Look through the electromagnetic clutches and brakes below to discover which models are right for your automation project.