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ECM is an innovative motor design and software company that is redefining electric motor design.

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ECM Finishes 2023 with 11 Award Distinctions for its PCB Stator Technology and PrintStator Motor CAD Platform

POSTED 12/12/2023

ECM PCB Stator Tech finished 2023 with an impressive tally of tech competition honors, including distinction for benefits to energy sustainability.   

As a company, ECM pairs patented PCB Stator innovation to its PrintStator Motor CAD platform to create next generation electric machines that are smaller, quieter, and more energy and space efficient.  

More specifically, PCB Stator motors designed via PrintStator are up to 70% lighter than conventional options, while achieving efficiencies in the mid-90s and requiring just 20% of the raw materials.  

To offer these benefits at scale, ECM will launch PrintStator as a public software as a service (SaaS) product at CES 2024.  

In 2023, the judges of five technology awards programs affirmed the progress and potential of ECM’s innovation and business model.   

The Boston based startup was first announced a winner in the 2023 Industrial Design, Engineering & Automation (IDEA) Awards for PrintStator. In September, ECM took top honors in The 2023 SaaS Awards. In October, ECM won the Design World LEAP Awards’ Software category. And in November, the CES Innovation Awards honored ECM.  

"ECM is grateful to receive recognition from so many prestigious corners for our PrintStator Motor CAD software and integrated PCB Stator technology,” ECM CEO Brian Casey said.   

“Though often overlooked, electrically powered machines are an integral component to billions of commercial and industrial systems. That’s why electric motor design and performance are in need of a 21st century makeover. PrintStator delivers that transformation to the public via SaaS. These 11 award distinctions validate that model," ECM CEO Brian Casey said.   

Here’s a full summary of ECM’s 6 awards wins and 11 overall award distinctions in 2023.  

International SaaS Awards 

Hosted by The Cloud Awards, The SaaS Awards recognize innovation and excellence in software solutions across several functional categories. ECM won four categories of the 2023 competition:  

  • Bespoke SaaS Solution Of The Year 
  • Best SaaS Product For Engineering Management, PLM Or CAD 
  • Best SaaS Product For CSR, Sustainability And ESG; and
  • Best SaaS Newcomer 

The SaaS Awards’ 2023 judging panel praised PrintStator’s platform capabilities and software as a service model. 

"The judges at The SaaS Awards were incredibly impressed with ECM's bespoke SaaS platform, powering the design of highly efficient next-generation electric motors, which are significantly smaller, quieter, and use far fewer resources than current designs. This product deserves to be held up as a perfect example of using SaaS to take a bespoke software solution, with impeccable environmental credentials, and quickly scale it out for release to the public," said The SaaS Awards 2023 Lead Judge Richard Geary. 

The IDEA Awards

ECM was announced a winner and honoree in the 2023 Industrial Design, Engineering & Automation (IDEA) Awards. ECM won the IDEA Awards’ Design and Operations Software category for its PrintStator Motor CAD platform. 

The IDEA Awards also recognized ECM as an honoree in the Electric Motors, Drives and Components category for its ultra-light, premium efficiency, next generation, pump motor design created by PrintStator. 

Hosted by Endeavor Business Media, the IDEA Awards celebrate outstanding innovation in product design and engineering. Finalists and winners were selected by the editorial teams of five publications and a readers’ choice vote by the engineering community of Machine Design, Electronic Design, and Power & Motion. 

Design World LEAP Awards

ECM won the 2023 Leadership In Engineering Achievement Program Awards (LEAP) Software category for PrintStator

Hosted by Design World, the LEAP Awards celebrate the most innovative and forward-thinking products and companies serving the design engineering space. Winners were selected by an independent judging panel, comprised of a cross-section of OEM design engineers and academics. 

CES Innovation Awards

In November, ECM was announced a 2024 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy category for its PrintStator platform. 

Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, the CES Innovation Awards program recognizes outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. 

ECM will launch PrintStator as a public SaaS product in January at CES 2024. There, innovators will have the opportunity to demo the software at ECM’s CES exhibit

AHR Innovation Awards

ECM was recognized in three categories of The 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Awards—an annual competition that highlights the most inventive and original products and technologies in the HVACR space.  

ECM’s 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Awards distinctions included honoree status in these categories     

  • Ventilation—For ECM’s High-Performance, Lightweight 12hp PCB Stator Blower Motor 
  • Indoor Air Quality—For ECM’s Ultra-light, Premium Efficiency 6hp PCB Stator Air Blower Motor ; and 
  • Plumbing—For ECM’s Ultra-light, Premium Efficiency 3HP PCB Stator Pump Solutions 

In addition to visiting team ECM at CES 2024 (January 9-12 in Las Vegas) you can view ECM’s award-winning PrintStator software and electric motor designs at AHR Expo 2024.  

About ECM

ECM PCB Stator Tech uses advanced Motor CAD and patented PCB Stator—printed circuit board—technology to create next generation electric motors for multiple applications. ECM’s PrintStator software powers the design, manufacture, and integration of PCB Stator motors that are lighter, quieter, and more energy and space efficient across a broad range of use cases. ECM designed motors achieve efficiencies in excess of 90 percent while requiring up to 70 percent less raw materials to produce. 

ECM has partnered with multiple organizations to create optimized motor solutions across a variety of verticals: HVAC, Consumer Electronics, E-Mobility, Fitness, Medical, Robotics, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defense, and more. 

ECM’s design partners include aerospace and defense innovator L3 Harris, global electronics manufacturer Celestica, and consumer electronics startup Nodo Film Systems

ECM is a 2024 CES Innovation Awards Honoree and winner of four International SaaS Awards—including SaaS Solution of The Year, Best SaaS Product For CSR, Sustainability And ESG, and Best SaaS Product For Engineering Management, PLM Or CAD. ECM’s PrintStator software is also a Machine Design IDEA Awards and Design World LEAP Awards winner. 

ECM maintains offices in Boston (MA), Bozeman (MT), and two locations in Europe. You can learn more about ECM’s PCB Stator technology and PrintStator Motor CAD platform at www.pcbstator.com. For inquiries regarding PCB motors and custom solutions contact [email protected]

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