Discover Advances in Motion Control at Automate 2015

Discover Advances in Motion Control at Automate 2015

You need power, speed, and precision in your operations and you're looking for a solution that has value at a price point that makes sense. Online research brings up helpful data, but nothing replaces being face to face with experts who can answer your questions.

Automate 2015 in Chicago at McCormick Place on March 23 to March 26 is the largest solutions-based showcase of automation technologies in North America. You are in direct contact with industry leaders who will demonstrate the technology that works best for your operations.

Keynote addresses from Apple's Steve Wozniak, Google's Reemi Niemi and Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey will serve as markers to the future.

You'll also see ways future trends will impact your operations. Guy Fichera, director of industrial and commercial practice at Boston Engineering Corp, will relate developments in the Cloud with the Industrial Internet of Things and how to gauge preparedness in your facility.

The show floor is 70 percent larger than it was at the last show two years ago, so there will be plenty of people on hand to show you motion control solutions that you can use today.

And by the way, as a bonus at Automate 2015, you'll have a chance to meet Hall of Fame basketball legend Bill Walton and perhaps ask him about the speed, precision, and motion control he displayed during his playing days.

Expert Huddles

Get up close with the experts on timely trends and key topics. Hear how to reduce cycle times of linear systems, get machines with different processing systems to communicate with each other, and combine precision in motion control with the newest features available.

These are the topics covered in three gatherings:

"Advances in High Speed Motion Systems" will be led by RJ Ruberti, team leader of linear systems at SCHUNK.

“Considerations When Selecting PLC, PC, CNC, Motion and Robot Controller Architecture” with Ben Sagan, of Mitsubishi Electric Automation.

“Best Practices and Pitfalls in New Product Development” by Bob Treiber, president and co-founder of Boston Engineering.

Exhibits with Solutions

Automate 2015 lets you search out the technology you need instead of "stumbling over it by accident at a vertical market show." That's how Aaron Dietrich, director of marketing at Tolomatic Inc. described the benefit of the event in the write up Automate Showcases the Latest Motion Technology. "If attendees are looking for new automation technology, they’ll find a lot of it housed under one roof where they can see it in action and talk to the experts.”

Highlights to Look For:

Advances in connectivity that allows workers to avoid putting on protective gear.

Electro-Matic Integrated, Inc. will feature solutions for power and feedback. Their remote-programming ports allow a device to be programmed without the need for someone to wear personal protective equipment and open the enclosure.

More power packed into a compact space.

The Gold Twitter drive of Elmo Motion Control is made for a space-constrained application that "demands a lot of muscle." The Gold Twitter delivers up to 4 kW of qualitative power in a small package.

Nabtesco Motion Control Inc. of Farmington Hills, Michigan will exhibit their RS Series low-profile gearheads. It's made for those requiring a flat or compact configuration.

Higher torque capacity.

Get power and reduce backlash. That's the benefit of the CSG-2UK, the newest entry to cup-style gearing (CSG) solutions from Harmonic Drive LLC  of Peabody, Massachusetts.

Portability and flexibility.

The MagneMover LITE from MagneMotion Inc. of Devens, Massachusetts is a modular transport and conveyor system. Precision rails enable ultra high-speed motion while “track and trace” capabilities allow it to monitor each carriage, or puck, on the system as it travels. Try your hand at programming the system with the guidance of company engineers who will conduct hands-on tutorials.

Support for machine-to-machine communications in the emerging Industrial Internet of Things is available from Parker Hannifin. The team will demonstrate its new programmable automation controller (PAC), a single unit capable of handling machine logic, signal handling, motion, and visualization.

If you need a food-processing application, look for Tolomatic of Hamel, Minnesota whose team will demonstrate a product changeover/lane changer system integrating Allen Bradley stepper/servo drives enabled with Ethernet/IP. The company will also be showcasing the latest addition to its USDA certified, hygienic, IP69k-rated stainless steel actuators, the ERD 22. It features a smooth exterior with no gaps to harbor bacteria and a purge port to help eliminate food contamination in the internal workings.

Tired of the variability, dynamic performance, and efficiency issues of pneumatic pick-and-place systems? Weiss North America Inc. of Wiloughby, Ohio will show their linear-motor-driven HP family of dual-axis pick-and-place positioners that delivers speeds of 40 m/s2, positioning precision of 0.02 mm, and repeatability of 0.01 mm.

Industrial automation is poised for new growth. Automate 2015 brings it all together in one place to fast forward your knowledge and equip you with the solutions you need. Visit the conference website for complete registration information.