Automate 2015 – A Time of Discovery

Processing random shapes and robotic cells that stop if a person crosses a safety boundary show the power of today's technology. Breakthroughs in industrial automation are making equipment easier to use and more affordable for companies of all sizes across industries.

Automate 2015 taking place March 23-26 in Chicago shows how the future is now with demonstrations of the latest systems that will help end users operate with less cost and boost profits. Keynote speeches by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey and Google's Renee Niemi will point us to what we can expect in the years to come.

End users who want practical solutions today will also benefit from Automate 2015. In the rapid development and greater adoption of robotics, motion control, and machine vision end users need to rely on qualified integrators who can help implement the proper solutions.

The event will showcase more than 50 automation, vision, and robot system integrators in an Integrated Solutions Center. Plenty of integrators who meet the highest industry standards will be on hand to discuss your operational needs.

Available Experts

The Solutions Center will help attendees see firsthand how far automation can take them. Experts will be available to help businesses make sense of the trends and how to maximize the use.

One of the integrators at Automate 2015 will be JR Automation. The company was a part of the initial focus group of robot integrators and users centered on the idea of creating systems integrators of a higher caliber.

“We worked with our fellow industry leaders to develop goals and standards for raising the bar on robotic integration," said Scot Lindemann, Vice President at JR Automation Technologies.

That led to the RIA Robot Integrator Certification Program established in 2012.

Software and Vision

Software integrated into three new cells will show how the latest robotic technologies can perform "puzzling human tasks" as described in the preview article One and Only Automation Showcase for Robotics, Vision, and Motion Control.

JR Automation isn't releasing details on three new cells built specifically for the show but they did say the demos incorporate FANUC iRVision along with flexible feeding. FANUC's slogan for this capability is "We make robots able to see."

Picking and Sorting Advances

A robot that can identify parts regardless of color or texture and that can safely move sharp or heavy objects will be something to look for from Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The RIA Certified Robot Integrator will showcase three cell demos featuring force/torque integration, robotic bin picking, and coordinated motion. Proprietary applications include automotive, agricultural, aerospace, earth moving, and heavy equipment manufacturing.

Safety Zones

How about a race with BBs? Acieta, LLC of Council Bluffs, Iowa will have a Lean Machine Gen-2 cell at Automate that will load a generic machine tool and hand off parts to an interactive assembly cell, which booth visitors can challenge to a race.

“The race is to find colored BBs and insert them into a demo part in sequence," said Blake Consdorf, Vice President of Sales for Acieta.

Human robot collaboration is a reality and safety is a priority. Acieta will show an open cell with two safety zones and the use of a safety scanner. When someone crosses into the first zone, the robot will slow to 10 percent speed. If a person crosses into the next safety zone, the scanner will stop the robot completely.

The cell is made for machine tending and material handling. It's completely self-contained and portable. It's mounted on heavy-duty casters so it can be easily moved around a factory floor.

Modular and Cost Effective

A ready-to-weld solution from Wolf Robotics, LLC of Fort Colllins, Colorado will be another attraction. WolfPack cells are modular robotic welding systems featuring a full line of robotic positioners and peripheral equipment.

The RIA Certified Robot Integrator provides robotic integration solutions for automated welding and cutting systems, material removal, machine tending, and material handling applications.

Taping Up All Shapes and Sizes

Companies that work with randomly sized cases will appreciate seeing what Schneider Packaging Equipment Company, Inc. of Brewerton, New York has to offer.

Schneider is the only RIA Certified Robot Integrator that specializes exclusively in end-of-line packaging solutions. The company will display a Fully Automatic, Random Water-Activated Tape Case Sealer, or Sentry for short.

The machine accommodates a wide variety of box sizes, automatically sizing them up as they come through the in-feed and applying a special water-activated tape that, according to the supplier, creates a stronger bond than pressure tape.

Automation that's easy to use, making advances with software and offering portability and affordability is the future right now. Visit the Automate 2015 website and discover how today's solutions enable end users to become as competitive as possible in their marketplace.