What are the Best Ways to Start a Career in the Robotics Industry?

What are the Best Ways to Start a Career in the Robotics Industry?You’re not alone if you’ve considered a robotics career but don’t where to start. Like yourself, many have marveled at what robots can do on the factory floor, in the operating room, or even in outer space. Others have thought about the portrayal of robotics in science fiction and want to turn it into reality. Whatever your motive, you can start a career in robotics too.

The robotics business is booming. Manufacturing, agriculture, and medicine are just a few major industries that can’t seem to quench their thirst for more automation. Freeing up workers from dull, dangerous, and dirty jobs is a primary initiative for many of the world’s largest businesses.

How to Start a Career in Robotics

Learn the Basics. Even entry-level job-seekers need to be able to understand sophisticated, complex systems. Start with the basics of electronics. Fortunately, you can learn a lot of the basics with online study. Take a course, visit industry websites, and watch the growing number of videos available. Pick up a few books. You can probably find some at your local library.

Pick a Field. Once you have a good handle on the basics, you’ll probably find it easy to pick a field. If you’re not sure, do some networking. Reach out to online communities or find robotics enthusiasts in your area. The amount of formal education you’ll have to pursue often depends on your field and job. Techs often only need a two-year degree while Engineers will need a four-year degree.

Choose Your Specialty. Within your field, there will be many areas where you can specialize. And there will also be plenty of industries to choose from. Say you want to get into robotic welding. The automotive industry may seem like a no-brainer. But there are also opportunities in aerospace, military, and industrial facilities. Perhaps find an internship first.

The Rewards of a Robotics Career

To build a successful career in robotics, you’ll need a lot of motivation. Fortunately, the rewards can be great. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a robotics technician is around $56k. And the annual salary for an engineer is closer to $90k.

If you like to work with your hands, being a technician is the job for you. You’ll get to help build, service, and repair robots. But if you want to spend your time in an office, an engineering role may be your first choice. The growth outlook for both positions looks good, making either a solid option.

No matter where you are in your robotics career, you’ll surely benefit from the Robotic Resources online.