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Acme Manufacturing is one of the earliest pioneers in surface finishing automation. Since 1910, the company has remained family-owned and operated by four generations of the Carlson family. The family has brought a steady sequence of innovations to over 20 industries on a global scale. As the premier robotic integrator in the surface finishing space, Acme has built a family culture with values that continue to drive our technology-focused mindset.

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Glen A. Carlson Jr. (Glen) Retiring after 58 Years with Acme Manufacturing Company

POSTED 09/02/2016

Acme Manufacturing Company in Auburn Hills, Michigan, U.S.A., the world leader in design and manufacturing of integrated robotic automation for polishing, buffing, deburring and grinding systems since 1910, has announced the retirement of Glen Carlson Jr., Chairman of Acme after 58 years of service. He was named and will continue as Chairman Emeritus.

Glen joined Acme in 1958 with responsibilities to manage and direct Acme’s sales and manufacturing operations and further advancing to positions of Vice President, President, Chairman and Owner of the106 year old family owned company.

Highly recognized internationally as an industry leader in metal finishing automation machinery, he was instrumental in providing coated abrasive belt coil, strip and sheet grinding systems in the steel industry and also, high production multiple head “O.D.” coated abrasive belt grinding systems for the steel and hydraulic cylinder industries for rods, bars and tubes.

Glen established and embraced Acme’s policy to provide complete and unlimited customer service support, with total customer acceptance. This commitment has become well known in the industry and a valuable Acme trademark, resulting in ongoing future repeat business opportunities.

Glen holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and an Undergraduate Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

In addition, Acme has announced Glen A. (“Fritz”) Carlson III, the fourth generation family member who has been with Acme for over 32 years, was appointed President & CEO and majority shareholder. Fritz will be responsible for overseeing all company operations and the strategic direction for advancing robotic deburring and polishing automation solutions globally into the next decade.