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iTRAK 5730 Small Frame Intelligent Track System

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Image of iTRAK 5730 Small Frame Intelligent Track System

The iTRAK 5730 Small Frame is designed with a reduced footprint for smaller machines. The 50 mm pitch makes it ideal for primary packaging applications such as flow wrapping, end-load cartoning, and form, fill, seal pouching. The iTRAK 5730 small frame also easily integrates into system architecture, providing analytics that help optimize energy consumption, monitor the wear on parts and reduce downtime.

The iTRAK 5730 also features integrated safety, such as safe torque off and Safe Stop 1, at a SIL 3, PLe safety rating. Creating safety zones increases safety without compromising productivity. They allow motion to continue outside of the safety zone, even after there has been a trip inside the safety zone.

Features include:

  • Minimum mover pitch: 50 mm
  • Tool face diameter: 420 mm
  • Transverse width: 130 mm
  • Forces: 100 N peak; 36 N continuous
  • Speed: Up to 5 m/s
  • Payload: Up to 4 kg
  • Position loop rate: 250 us
  • Repeatability: +/-0.01 mm
  • Maximum system size: 64 logical sections, 128 movers
  • Rail design: stainless steel
  • IP Rating: IP66 with infield cover


  • Increased production rates of +50% or more
  • Shorter runs can still be profitable
  • Lowered periodic maintenance
  • Reduced downtime for changeovers
  • Smaller machine size saves floor space


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