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Emulate3D develops Dynamic Digital Twin software for virtual commissioning, throughput simulation, and industrial demonstration. Used by system integrators, machine builders and manufacturers using automated equipment, Emulate3D technology is designed to reduce the time spent on site testing and commissioning automation.

Emulate3D Controls Testing is aimed at system integrators responsible for implementing automated solutions comprising robots, transfer mechanisms, automated storage, and production systems. Recent developments with FANUC ROBOGUIDE enable users to incorporate accurate robot moves within 3D controls testing models to verify the correct flow of products through the whole automated system.

Benefits to System Integrators and End Users:

  • Take controls testing off the project’s critical path
  • Start controls testing earlier in the project timeline
  • Minimize on site testing and commissioning time and costs
  • Produce more fully-tested and robust automation solutions

Emulate3D for Machine Builders helps you create controls testing models of a wide range of machine types by marking up your machine model directly within your familiar CAD software, whether it is SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, or PTC Creo. Debug and refine the kinematic sequences and timing of your designs in a virtual environment and make changes to them faster than is possible with physical prototypes.

Benefits to Machine Builders and Manufacturers:

  • Faster automation project development
  • Thorough logic sequence and timing verification
  • Eliminate or reduce costly physical prototypes
  • Effective and non-disruptive off-site user training

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