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Image of Lift and Carry Systems

Motion Index Drives, Inc. is a leading provider of heavy-duty Lift and Carry Machines. Our Lift and Carry Systems operate with minimal motor power and are capable of lifting and transferring an average of 10 complete underbody structures (2,000 lbs. each) over an average linear distance of 19 feet at once. From transferring full length truck frames to engine box and underbody lines, Motion Index Drives has a high-precision engineered solution for your application

Key Features and Benefits

  • Smooth lift and lowering motion
  • Hydraulic compensation system to assist on lift strokes
  • Special tooling inserts with customer specified hole patterns
  • High-quality extruded steel rails available in many sizes
  • Three-dimensional cut rails to reduce noise during transfers
  • Hardened gear rack and pinions for transfers
  • Cam plate/cam follower technology for positioning accuracy during transfer strokes
  • Pevolan and Vulkollan transfer rollers for noise reduction and increased life of shuttle rails
  • Many different standard and custom lift and transfer shuttle options available

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