JVL A/S Product

Nano PLC with stepper controller

Model: SMC75A1


Image of Nano PLC with stepper controller

A Stepper Motor Controller with RS485 serial interface. 8IO can be configured to input, output or analog input. Can be controlled via nanoPLC and MacTalk. The very compact, 57x57mm, PCB contains everything needed to solve a modern control task as stand-alone or controlled from a PLC or PC. MODBUS RTU and CANopen gives the possibility for easy connection to a PLC. For PC or IPC an ActiveX/OCX driver is available so that interface to LABview, Excel, VB or other Windows-programs is simple. The smallest 8I/O plc available. Also has a 3 amp rms stepper driver included. Optional can open, or devicenet. 12-48vdc power.

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