JVL A/S Product

MAC Integrated Servo Motor

Model: MAC800-D2


Image of MAC Integrated Servo Motor

Mac800-D2 is a 746 watt servo motor, hall sensor, encoder and electronics integrated by JVL so that together they form a closed unit in which the power driver and controller are mounted inside the motor in a closed section. 12-48vdc power. Interface possibilities to the MAC motor:

  • From PC/PLC with drive commands via S232/RS485/ RS422
  • Pulse/direction or quadrature inputs.
  • 10 bit ±10V input for speed or torque control. A+B en coder output.
  • Register mode via 4 inputs or serial commands
  • Option for μPLC built-in with simple fill in the blank commands for motion and control.
  • Option for Fieldbus. Profibus DP, Canbus, Devicenet, Bluetooth Wireless.


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