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Image sensors convert incoming light, or photons, into an electrical signal that you can view, analyze, and store. These sensors are solid-state devices and serve as one of the most important components inside your machine vision camera.

There are several crucial factors to consider when purchasing an image sensor, including:

  • structure type: CCD or CMOS
  • chroma type: color or monochromatic
  • shutter type: global or rolling
  • resolution
  • frame rate
  • pixel size
  • sensor format

Every year new varieties of image sensors are released with vast improvements in sensor size, resolution, speed, and light sensitivity.

Browse below to discover the latest image sensors that are available from our member companies. Each sensor listed was manufactured using the highest quality materials on the market.




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SensoPart Inc.

Meeting all needs

Annual Report on Machine Vision Components Market, 2017 - 2027 Image

Annual Report on Machine Vision Components Market, 2017 - 2027

Vision Markets GmbH

Gain detailed insights into the Machine Vision Market. The high quality of our data derives from Vision Markets’ unique positioning as a holistic provider of synergetic offerings, including consulting in business strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Recruitment & Career, and Marketing.

Automated Assembly Lines Image

Automated Assembly Lines

TA Systems

TA Systems is a Leader in Assembly Line Automation and Test Systems for the automotive industry.

Bluewrist Inline 3D Bead Inspection Image

Bluewrist Inline 3D Bead Inspection

RAM Solutions, Inc.

INSPECTION RESULTS In automatic mode, ScanXtream will send the inspection result (pass/fail) with coordinates of the failing checking points to comXtream for reporting purposes. However, within ScanXtream, the user can visualize the current or previous inspection result

Bluewrist Robot Bin Picking Image

Bluewrist Robot Bin Picking

RAM Solutions, Inc.

FlexiPick is an advanced bin-picking system allowing a robot to pick up parts randomly placed in a bin and present

Bluewrist Zero Defect Weld Image

Bluewrist Zero Defect Weld

RAM Solutions, Inc.

TRUSTED AUTOMATED INSPECTION SOLUTION FOR SAFETY-CRITICAL WELDS Bluewrist 3D laser automated welding inspection solution is in use for the quality assurance of welds on high-performance electric vehicle battery trays, truck frames, and body-in-white roof brazing joint

C201A: Control Unit 200 SERIES Image

C201A: Control Unit 200 SERIES

Inxpect SPA

PROFIsafe, Ethernet and digital I/O

C202A: Control Unit 200 SERIES Image

C202A: Control Unit 200 SERIES

Inxpect SPA

Ethernet and digital I/O

Canon CMOS Sensors Image

Canon CMOS Sensors

Phase 1 Technology Corp.

Canon industrial sensors redefine high performance with state-of-the-art technology, backed by decades of ongoing development and improvement.

CleanSwitch Image


BBC Bircher Smart Access

Contact-free switch for convenient activation of entrances

CoaXPress IP Core Image

CoaXPress IP Core


Euresys/Sensor to Image offers a set of IP cores and a development framework to build FPGA-based products using the CoaXPress interface.

Color & Contrast Sensors Image

Color & Contrast Sensors

SensoPart Inc.

Accurate and high-speed detection of the subtlest differences in color and grey values as well as non-colors.

Dalsa Falcon4 Cameras Image

Dalsa Falcon4 Cameras

Phase 1 Technology Corp.

Ideal for aerial imaging, security & surveillance, 3D metrology and reconnaissance.

Dalsa Genie Nano-CXP Cameras Image

Dalsa Genie Nano-CXP Cameras

Phase 1 Technology Corp.

Ideal for solar panel inspection, electronic manufacturing inspection, general machine vision, and semiconductor wafer inspection.

DepthVista Image


E-con Systems

DepthVista_MIPI_IRD is a Time of Flight (ToF) MIPI CSI 2 camera designed for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™/ AGX Xavier™. The

Dione S 1024 CAM Series Image

Dione S 1024 CAM Series


The Dione S 1024 CAM series is based upon the Dione 1024 OEM thermal imaging core with 1024×768 pixels and 12 ?m pixel pitch.

Distance Sensors Image

Distance Sensors

SensoPart Inc.

Rapid and precise measurement, accurate positioning, and detection of the most varied of materials




Prophesee Evaluation kit 3 enables fast, cost-efficient first hands-on evaluation of Prophesee’s Event-Based Vision. Available in two versions, featuring our 3.1 VGA sensor or 4.1 HD sensor co-developed with Sony Semiconductor Solutions.