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A gripper is the end of arm tooling (EOAT) device that allows your robot to manipulate an object. A gripper is your robot's mechanical “hand” that grasps and releases parts that are being moved as a result of your automation directions. Grippers can be powered by a variety of sources, including electricity, compressed air, or a vacuum.

Without grippers, your robots will be “handless”, and unable to effectively and efficiently carry out your automation directions.

Today, there are many different types and sizes of grippers designed to pick up a wide variety of parts and materials. Choosing the best grippers for your automation project will be far less daunting once you learn more about what is available.

All of the grippers listed below are manufactured by our member companies and built using the most durable materials available. Browse below to find which grippers are right for your automation project.




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SensoPart Inc.

Meeting all needs

Applied Robotics Flexible Smart Gripper™ Image

Applied Robotics Flexible Smart Gripper™

RAM Solutions, Inc.

The Flexible Smart Gripper (FSG) solves all of the complex challenges found in handling delicate and randomly shaped objects commonly

Applied Robotics Palletizing Gripper (ARPG) Image

Applied Robotics Palletizing Gripper (ARPG)

Effecto Formerly Applied Robotics

Applied Robotics Palletizing Gripper (ARPG) – Bag Gripper provides rapid pick-and-place palletizing of bagged products, offering complete robotic control of a palletizing cel

Applied Robotics Pneumatic Grippers Image

Applied Robotics Pneumatic Grippers

Effecto Formerly Applied Robotics

We offer pneumatic grippers through our parent company the Effecto Group. Their product offering is wide. It ranges from clamping to gripping of any workpiece, of any shape and any weight (from few grams to hundreds of kilogra

Applied Robotics SWINGCUT Image

Applied Robotics SWINGCUT

RAM Solutions, Inc.

The milling tools SWINGCUT 100, 240, and 1000 can be used for the economical deburring of small and complex parts of metallic as well as nonmetallic material.

ASPINA Robotic Gripper Image

ASPINA Robotic Gripper


ASPINA's robotic gripper is customizable and offers precise control, strong gripping force and a wide opening range with suction.

BA Palletizer Image

BA Palletizer

Motion Controls Robotics, Inc.

Motion Controls Robotics’ BA Palletizer is a compact, collaborative palletizing station designed to relieve manufactures of unneeded downtime