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Applied Robotics, headquartered in Glenville, NY, is a global provider of innovative and tailored solutions for industrial automation and robotics,  Specializing in end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions designed that bring greater speed, flexibility, and efficiency to automation-based processes.


All our products are built to exceed your expectations, comprising automatic and manual tool changers, collision sensors, pneumatic grippers, flexible grippers, and palletizing and packaging grippers, vises, deburring and finishing tools, as well as other end effectors.  We serve a variety of markets, including transportation/automotive, life sciences, electronics, defense, energy, and manufacturing/fabrication.


These wrist-down solutions can be found in material handling, assembly, cutting, dispensing, machining, and welding applications throughout the United States, Canada, Pacific Rim, Europe, Mexico, and South America.


Contact us today to start maximizing your output, efficiency, and safety while simultaneously reducing your downtime and repair costs.