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2-jaw parallel gripper CGS2 series

Model: 2-jaw parallel gripper

IPR Robotics, LLC

Image of 2-jaw parallel gripper CGS2 series

The universal gripper CGS2 from IPR is suitable for a wide range of applications and is ideal for handling weights from 0.4 kg / 0.88 lb to 96 kg / 212 lb with force-locking gripping.

The 2-jaw parallel gripper CGS2 enables a very high permissible moment load due to a maximum guide length of the base jaws. This means that long fingers can be used. In addition, the T-slot guidance makes the gripper insensitive to collisions and impacts, and it is particularly protected against jamming in the case of strongly protruding gripper fingers. Thanks to the lubrication pockets integrated into the sides of the jaws, permanent storage of lubricating grease and thus maintenance-free application is ensured. In addition, commercially available third-party sensors can be attached and used in a process-safe manner.

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