Power Over Ethernet Motors Driving New Innovation in Motion Control

Power Over Ethernet Motors Driving New Innovation in Motion Control Whenever a new technology comes along that’s more compact while providing the same features and capability, you can often anticipate industries finding new ways to take advantage. In automation and motion control, this is particularly true, due to the multiple components that make up a complete system. 

We may have witnessed the introduction of another such technology last year, with the arrival of new integrated motors with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality. These motors draw all their needed power from a typical Ethernet connection as opposed to a typical power supply. The result? More compact size, less wiring, and greater versatility. 

Reliable Power and Capability in a Smaller Package

Without the usual source of power, it would be reasonable to assume these new electric motors might not perform to the level of their standard counterparts. In fact, these versatile motors provide excellent torque, higher acceleration rates, increased efficiency, decreased heat, and less noise than traditional step motor systems.

Additionally, these motors still make use of their Ethernet connection to implement communications and data transfer, making them especially efficient and convenient for motion control design. 

Upgrading by Downsizing 

These new PoE motors offer plenty of flexibility for designers, while still providing the essential power and performance necessary for many applications. These motors represent a complete motion control solution with a motor, encoder, drive, and controller combined in a single integrated motor package. With all those features in one component, it frees up space. This can present opportunities for applications previously not using motion control, as well. 

It will be interesting to see how companies decide to integrate these versatile new motors into systems in need of efficient motion control. There’s likely a large number of potential applications that could benefit from these innovative PoE motors.