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Advanced Machine Vision Engineering and Vision Product Development. Products: "ZoomCheck®” – Operator Guided Machine Vision Inspection System, designed to detect "soft seated connectors" and parts where line of sight is difficult to achieve. Verify part location, proper dimensions, color, ID and OCR/OCV. ZoomCheck guides an operator through the sequence of inspections, providing graphics to assist and inform. Results and images are archived for process improvement and “as built" documentation. Primary Industries: Automotive and Aerospace. Detect and repair soft seated connectors. Pallet and drum label verification. Echelon - Highly Integrated, Multi Camera, Multi Feature End of Line Inspection System. Applications: Automotive Final Assembly Build Verification, Subassembly Inspection, 3D bead. Strata CPI - High Speed, High Resolution, Continuous Process Inspections: MPE/Micro Channel inspection - holes, marks, scratches, edge defects. DeepTire - Deep Learning DOT Tire ID System.
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