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We Move Your Data It's likely that your business isn't industrial networking, and it shouldn't be. You make products, design systems, or manage processes. Whatever it is that you make, monitor or install, it inevitably creates data. Whether you're a control engineer with a line littered with devices sending out all kinds of data over many different protocols, or an automation device developer with customers needing to move data into some other network, you've got a device conversion problem. You have devices that generate ASCII, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet or some other completely proprietary data, and now you're the person who must move that data! We understand your pain...and rather than just our sympathy, we have solutions. While your business may not be moving data around factory floors, ours is. Our gateways are simple, perfect tools to help you move your data where, when, and how you want. Our Mission is to provide manufacturers and their suppliers the exceptional platforms, applications and tools they need to increase productivity, efficiency and operational excellence. • Over 250 Products • 75,000 products in the market • Over 250 OEM customers utilizing RTA solutions • Over 500 customers utilizing RTA protocol software in their devices Our Vision Real Time Automation wants to empower manufacturers to successfully compete by improving productivity, quality, and profits with seamless data connectivity that turns factory floor data into actionable information. Our industrial protocol communication solutions are the perfect tools to help get the data your equipment generates where you want, when you want and how you want. Whether it’s custom embedded controllers, special purpose I/O stacks or specialized communications interfaces, RTA delivers the right solution, on time and on budget, to effectively move your data.