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Laserline, Inc.

Member Since 2023
Laserline is one of the leading laser manufacturers for applications in the multi-kilowatt field. Our custom industrial lasers are among the most successful beam sources for industrial material processing; Our product offerings inlcude IR lasers from 500 W to 45 kW, Blue Lasers up to 3 kW, custom beam shaping technology that that revolutionizes the BIW industry. Major applications include brazing, welding of all types of materials, heat treatment and laser hardening (softening, drying) applications, tape laying and coating applications, cladding , repair welding and additive manufacturing (3D printing) applications as well as plastic applications and last but not least all kinds of e-moblity applications in the world of batteries.

Key Contacts & Additional Locations

Laserline, Inc. - Michigan
37659 Schoolcraft Road
Livonia, MI 48150
United States