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3D Vision-Guided Steel Plate Picking and Bending

POSTED 10/23/2023

Customer Demand

The customer is a large construction machinery company. The traditional operation requires manual bending and feeding, which results in low work efficiency and high labor costs. Also, there is a problem that steel plate types are easy to be mistaken. Moreover, randomly-stacked steel plates tend to rust and be stained. The customer expects industrial robots and 3D vision to automate steel plate bending.

Mech-Mind AI + 3D Vision Solution

The 3D vision system identifies randomly-stacked steel plates and guides the robot to pick and load them to a specified area for bending.


1. Dual Mech-Eye LSR L industrial 3D cameras collaboration combines with advanced point cloud stitching algorithm to support large pallet/bin (3m * 1.2m)

2. Mech-Mind 3D vision system can support various complex-shaped parts;

3. The 3D vision systems can cope with complicated situations such as randomly-stacked steel plates with rust stains, etc.;

4. Intelligent path planning and collision detection algorithms guarantee stable robotic operation;

5. The production efficiency has been significantly increased, nearly doubled.


1. No human intervention is required anymore;

2. The feeding efficiency is incredibly increased, nearly doubled.