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Cincoze CS-119/P1001: The key to 3x highway traffic capacity

09/14/2023 | Cincoze Co., Ltd.

Cincoze CS-119/P1001: The key to 3x highway traffic capacity

Mobile Mapping with Advanced Camera Technology

09/07/2023 | Teledyne DALSA

Horus uses high-resolution Teledyne FLIR IIS cameras to enable cost-effective automated road inspection at highway speeds

From Passenger to Operations: DX-1100 Enhances Smart Bus Safety and Fleet Management

08/22/2023 | Cincoze Co., Ltd.

A nation spanning both Europe and Asia opted for the high-performance, compact embedded computer, DX-1100 by Cincoze

Vehicle Undercarriage Inspection via AI/ Deep-learning Technology

08/18/2023 | Neousys Technology America, Inc.

An automated vehicle exterior/ undercarriage inspection utilizing deep-learning and AI technology, which can detect and recognize the slightest material degradation,

Automated tire depalletizing

08/17/2023 | Photoneo, Inc.

TireDepal by AROTEC allows robots to fully automatically depalletize all common tire carriers with unprecedented performance and flexibility.

Building Efficiency & Uptime with Ultra-Reliable High Flex Cable Designs

08/15/2023 | Winchester Interconnect

Winchester Interconnect, an industry leader, designs high flex cables to drive efficiency and uptime for large OEM

Unveiling the Adaptive Power of Vzense DS Series 3D ToF Cameras: Real-world Case Studies

08/15/2023 | Vzense Tech Inc

Discover how Vzense DS Series 3D ToF depth cameras conquer challenging lighting scenarios, from agriculture fields to loading ports. Explore their role in revolutionizing precision in AMR harvesting, concrete pumping, forklift AGVs, and automated loading.

Automated object polishing with Photoneo MotionCam-3D

08/09/2023 | Photoneo, Inc.

Robomation Robot Technologies Inc. developed a solution for automated polishing / sandblasting of objects

Laser and Saw Cutting for Roof Rails

07/31/2023 | BOS Innovations Inc.

BOS L-R (robotic laser cell) for an OEM program. Using robots, lasers, and saws to cut, drill, and deburr roof

Boosting Productivity in the New Era of Smart Spinning: Cincoze P2102E Achieves Advanced Spinning System

07/31/2023 | Cincoze Co., Ltd.

Boosting Productivity in the New Era of Smart Spinning: Cincoze P2102E Achieves Advanced Spinning System

Flexible Gripper Combined with Intuitive Robotics Key to Automated Sandwich Assembly System

07/28/2023 | Soft Robotics Inc.

Flexible gripper enables first-of-a-kind (FOAK) bun management system and proof-of-concept sandwich assembly process.

Numurus Supports Drone Automation with Turnkey AI and Automation Solutions

07/27/2023 | Numurus LLC

NEPI Engine, a software toolkit for robotic and edge-AI automation development enables Lane Community College UAS Program.

$2.8 mln dollars revenue through the Automa.Net platform

07/24/2023 | Automa.Net


CodeMeter Becomes the Software Licensing Backbone of B&R's Industrial Automation Platform

07/14/2023 | Wibu-Systems USA

B&R Industrial Automation integrates Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter into its Technology Guarding System for software protection with world-leading encryption standards

New Lift Station Pump Rises to the Occasion

07/11/2023 | Real Time Automation

RTA helps with Modbus to Siemen S5 PLC communication to help the Village of Bolingbrook replace failing lift station pumps.

Modbus Router Enables Remote Monitoring

07/11/2023 | Real Time Automation

The BFR3000 Modbus Router can easily facilitate the remote monitoring without changing any of the pre-existing industrial controls

The Show Must Go On: RTA Keeps The Bellagio Fountains Running

07/11/2023 | Real Time Automation

Real Time Automation provided a true plug-and-play solution to keep the Bellagio fountains running. Learn how here.

Paper Manufacturer Gets Reams of Savings

07/11/2023 | Real Time Automation

RTA’s 515RTAENI provided network connection from any computer in the plant, made rewiring unnecessary and saved them a ton of money.

Generator Distributor Saves Money By Saving Time

07/11/2023 | Real Time Automation

Real Time Automation’s 460MCBS and 460MMBS gateways make that connectivity a reality. Learn how here.

Case Study: Numurus Supports Drone Automation with Turnkey AI and Automation Solutions

07/11/2023 | Numurus LLC

Lane Community College (LCC) was looking for a way to increase a student's educational experience in drone AI and automation. LCC used NEPI Engine, as software toolkit that provides a rapid AI and automation development experience.

ITALA G.EL for all-round inspection of vial caps

07/11/2023 | Opto Engineering S.P.A.

ITALA G.EL for all-round inspection of vial caps

Automated Kitting Solution with 3D Robot Vision

07/09/2023 | Roboception GmbH

Danfoss chose Roboception's 3D vision solution to improve their production line.

State-of-the-Art CodeMeter Protection for Machine Vision Software

07/06/2023 | Wibu-Systems USA

MVTec, a leading manufacturer of software for machine vision, chose Wibu-Systems CodeMeter technology to protect its software

The Future of Robot Programming with Software from ArtiMinds - Enabled by CodeMeter

07/05/2023 | Wibu-Systems USA

CodeMeter dongles and the AxProtector encryption tool shields ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite against piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering