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How Do I Know If I Need a Desiccant Type Compressed Air Dryer?

05/12/2022 | Fluid-Aire Dynamics

Desiccant Dryers also greatly enhance the quality of compressed air required for critical applications that involve painting, high accuracy machining and applications where the requirement for the quality of compressed air is high

Vertebra by vertebra

05/11/2022 | IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

DIERS International GmbH (Germany) enables fast and high-resolution optical measurement of the human back, spine and pelvis with DIERS formetric 4D

Large laundry

05/11/2022 | IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

The German deep-tech start-up sewts GmbH from Munich develops solutions with the help of which robots - similar to humans - to anticipate how a textile will behave and adapt their movement accordingly.

Case Study - Wiegel Tool Works

05/11/2022 | Fluid-Aire Dynamics

When Wiegel Tool Works needed to upgrade to a larger compressed air system, they came straight to Fluid-Aire Dynamics. Their decision was based on a relationship with Fluid-Aire going back more than a decade.

Case Study - Bolke-Miller

05/11/2022 | Fluid-Aire Dynamics

For Bolke-Miller Company, reliable compressed air is a necessity. The Waukegan, Illinois-based company is a contract food re-packager for some of the biggest names in the industry—and downtime is not an option.

Case Study - D6 Inc

05/11/2022 | Fluid-Aire Dynamics

When D6 Inc. opened a new packaging material manufacturing facility in Paris, Texas, they came to Fluid-Aire Dynamics for a compressed air solution for their production lines.

Case Study – B&R Grinding

05/11/2022 | Fluid-Aire Dynamics

When Julio Espino, the General Manager of B&R Grinding, started researching options for a new compressed air system, Fluid-Aire Dynamics wasn’t on his radar. A tip from an industry contact prompted him to seek us out..

Case Study - Artistic Finishes

05/11/2022 | Fluid-Aire Dynamics

Artistic Finishes creates custom floor moldings and accessories for professional builders and flooring companies. They depend on compressed air for all of their production and finishing lines.

Case Study - Aurora Bearing

05/11/2022 | Fluid-Aire Dynamics

Aurora Bearing Company had a large number of leaks in their compressed air system that added up to thousands of extra dollars on their energy bill. Fluid-Aire Dynamics fixed 150 leaks, resulting in a reduction of 64,660 kWh

Automated assembling of spikes on shoes

05/10/2022 | Photoneo

ECCO, the premium manufacturer of footwear and leather accessories, decided to automate the process of assembling spikes on golf shoes. For precise robot navigation, they use Photoneo 3D vision and robotic intelligence.

Automate Visual Inspection Operations to Increase Production Output

05/09/2022 | AV&R

AV&R experts have pre-programmed an algorithm. This algorithm made it possible to detect only the defects deemed rejectable by the customer. By eliminating false defect detections and automating inspection, the customer was able to achieve consistent inspection results.

Wireless breakthrough for the Ocado Smart Platform

05/05/2022 | Cambridge Consultants

The Ocado Smart Platform (OSP) is Ocado Group’s world-leading suite of solutions that has been built to transform online grocery across the world.

Automated picking and placement of apples

04/13/2022 | Photoneo

Automation in the food industry: Robotic picking and placement of apples using 3D vision from Photoneo.

Autonomously driving robotic assistance system for the automated placement of coil creels

04/12/2022 | IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

The autonomously driving robotic assistance system from ONTEC uses the synergies of mobility and automation: it consists of a powerful and efficient intralogistics platform, a flexible robot arm and a robust Ensenso 3D stereo camera system from IDS.

Automated engraving on unknown objects

04/07/2022 | Photoneo

This clever solution for robotic engraving on unknown, curved surfaces uses Photoneo 3D vision to get an accurate point cloud. The 3D data is then used for the creation of an optimal trajectory to navigate the robot with high precision.

3D reconstruction and analysis of chronic wounds

04/05/2022 | Photoneo

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek uses Photoneo 3D vision for precise 3D reconstruction, automated measurement, and analysis of chronic wounds.

These Very Cool Video Adverts Were Made With RoboDK!

04/04/2022 | RoboDK

EngamaDos, a creative advertising agency based in Santiago, used RoboDK to create amazing slow-motion adverts for huge international brands.

Robotic picking of croissants

03/18/2022 | Photoneo

The Irish Manufacturing Research developed an advanced solution for automated picking of bread products.

Cost Effective High Precision Linear & Rotary Axes

03/15/2022 | Andantex USA Inc.

Racks, Pinions, Planetary Reducers, and Lubrication systems

Improving Visual Inspection Quality with AI

03/03/2022 | Pleora Technologies

This paper discusses how new AI technology improves quality, reduces errors, and lowers costs by providing decision-support and operator guidance for visual inspection and manual assembly tasks across incoming, in-process, and outgoing manufacturing step

Advanced 3D Vision System for Mobile Robotics

03/03/2022 | Photoneo

This 3D vision system for a mobile robot picker consists of an AMR with a robotic arm equipped with the Photoneo 3D camera MotionCam-3D, allowing you to scan and approach each object from an appropriate angle, distance, and posit

Case Study: How Vzense’s 3D Time-of-Flight Camera Assists With Smart Logistics

02/28/2022 | Vzense Tech Inc

Vzense launched several industrial 3D ToF cameras to assist smart logistics, like Pallet recognition for AGV forklift, Obstacles avoidance for mobile robots, Box location capturing, dimensioning, volume counting and inspection, Trailer volume measurement,

Case Study: Automated Recyclable Sorting Solution

02/25/2022 | Neousys Technology America, Inc.

Before wastes can be recycled, they need to be sorted. There are several pain points to implementing such solutions to meet the varying degree of needs depending on the targeted material the solution wants to single ou

Automated repair of parts

02/24/2022 | Photoneo

The ADAMS Lab of the University of Alberta developed a solution for automated repair of parts. The system is based on precise 3D reconstruction, for which it uses 3D vision by Photone