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Published on: 02/08/2021

Last Reply on: 03/17/2021

Category: Optics / Lenses / Filters

Technology: Vision

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We would like to replace the old PCI analog frame grabber that works for analog camera using RS-170 mono. which companies sell this kind of products that can be programmed in LabWindows CVI? Thanks.

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Kimberly, I will start by saying I have never used this piece of equipment, but it might be worth putting this in your system if you want to upgrade for the future. There are a few companies out there that will convert the old analog standards into the Gig-E vision standard, and this will mean you don't have to necessarily invest in buying more and more expensive analog cards. Anyway there;s another option. Good Luck Andy

Andrew Long from Cyth Systems, Inc. | 02/09/2021

Hello Kimberly, We at Gidel have wide range of digital frame grabbers with Camera Link, CoaXPress and GigE Vision. If you are interested, I can put you in contact with our North American Sales Manager and he will provide more details. Mean while you can look at our web site Best Regards, Hai.

Hai Migdal from GiDEL Ltd. | 02/10/2021

EPIX, INC. PIXCI A110 is a good solution.

Charlie Dijak from Epix, Inc. | 03/16/2021

Hello Kimberly. Uniforce has a large selection of frame grabbers to meet your machine vision needs. Ben @ext. 105 would like to talk to you further regarding this frame grabber for your application needs. We already have an established working relationship with LLNL and Uniforce, located in Fremont, is only a 24 mile dirve from LLNL.

Marie Blomquist from Uniforce Sales and Engineering | 03/17/2021