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Published on: 01/25/2021

Last Reply on: 06/24/2021

Category: Lighting Equipment

Technology: Vision

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Looking for a very small structured light emitter/camera setup for use in dusty outdoor conditions. Recommendations?

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Can you please clarify details for this question so that we are better able to answer? e.g. surrounding conditions such as direct sunlight, etc. Best regards Michael

Michael Beising from EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH | 01/27/2021

Hello, please contact me directly via Email to give me more informations about the requirements. Thank you

Klara Steinschneider from EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH | 02/09/2021

Hello, given the outdoor use of your setup you may benefit from using an IP-rated technology designed to work in tough environments. LMI 3D designs and builds laser technologies used in outdoor conditions (such as in road scanning applications). Please let us know if you still need help with your application. Thank you.

Luca Colacino from LMI Technologies Inc. | 06/24/2021