Embedded Vision Systems for Security Applications

Security ApplicationsEmbedded Vision Creates Entirely New Applications in Security and Surveillance

Vision systems have been used in security applications for many years, but embedded vision is revolutionizing what's possible. With the rapidly advancing capabilities of CMOS sensors, processing power, and depth-sensing technology, embedded vision systems tackle entirely new applications and create opportunities for strong growth in security and surveillance applications.

The video surveillance market is projected to be worth $75.64 Billion by 2022, up from $30.37 Billion in 2016, growing at a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4%1. Much of this growth is driven by the fact that as vision systems have advanced, they've also become more affordable. The decreasing costs of an advanced security and surveillance system make justifying the investment an easier decision for a wide range of applications.

Embedded vision systems, often called 'intelligent video' in the security industry, are used for virtual tripwire applications - detecting perimeter intrusion at critical infrastructure locations. Newer embedded vision systems are cloud-connected and introduce aspects of artificial intelligence, but still share image processing responsibility at the edge of the network at the camera-level. These types of embedded vision systems can detect and understand certain objects and scenarios and transmit only the most important information to security personnel.

Video Surveillance Market to be Worth $75.64 Billion by 2020

Embedded vision systems enable other types of security and surveillance applications too. Drones leveraging embedded vision are being widely deployed at industrial facilities, at high-security prisons, at cultural landmarks and more. Embedded vision systems are also being used for indoor security robots that act as a security guard, and for outdoor mobile robots for perimeter patrol.

Each of these applications would not be possible without the advanced imaging capabilities of embedded vision systems. The decreasing costs of embedded vision, and the entirely new applications they create, are leading to strong market growth in the security and surveillance industry.

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