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Certified System Integrator Program

Educate. Advance. Differentiate

Why Use a Certified System Integrator

Investing in a new machine vision/vision system, or updating your existing one, is a serious consideration. It requires knowledgeable planning and design to successfully meet both your application and business return on investment objectives.

Helping You to Find A Qualified Vision System Integrator

A3 provides certification to help you in your selection process*, providing you with a benchmark against which to complete your own due diligence to find the right system integrator to partner with.

Certification demonstrates a company’s depth of expertise and industry experience, having met the A3’s stringent criteria for:

  • Years of Experience
  • High Skill Level of Employees - a minimum number of CVP-Advanced team members
  • Number of Projects Completed Each Year
  • Verified Experience in Specific Industries

*NOTE: A3 assumes no responsibility for the vendor you choose or the work they provide.

Talk with an A3 Certified System Integrator first.

Whether you're in some stage of planning or thinking about a vision system for the first time, speak with an A3 Certified System Integrator first. Fill out the form and we'll make the introduction.

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6 Considerations When Selecting a Vision Integrator

Get it right at the outset and you'll see the results in your bottom line!

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