The 4 Reasons You Should Apply for A3 System Integrator Certification

The 4 Reasons You Should Apply for AIA System Integrator Certification Manufacturers often give up a significant amount of capital to add machine vision to their production facilities. An A3 system integrator certification will help you prove that you have the know-how to make that investment last. An A3 certification does even more than that. It shows clients that you’re a one-stop-shop for machine vision maintenance.

Benefits of the A3 System Integrator Certification

With an A3 certification, you’re not just an installer or a service tech. You’re a trusted advisor. Here are just a few benefits that a system integrator certification brings to your business.

1. Make your business stand out

The vision industry is growing fast, so it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. The A3 certification gets you listed on our A3 website. And you’ll also be able to market your expert status.

2. Get noticed for your experience and skills

A3 has crafted the System Integrator Certification to only include the most experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted integrators. If your company makes the cut, machine vision users will know you can fill their needs.

3. Bid on more end-user machine vision jobs

Being listed as an A3 Certified System Integrator (CSI) can get you more work. Since end-users trust the CSI program, they often reach out to integrators with AIA certification to bid on their projects. Find out about more upcoming jobs!

4. Build your reputation in the machine vision industry

If you meet the requirements to receive an AIA system integrator certification, you already have the experience, skills, and knowledge of an expert. Becoming a CSI can help establish you as an authority in machine vision.

Apply to Become a Certified Integrator

The A3 Certified System Integrator helps you show off your expertise and experience. At least 65% of your sales must come from system integration. You must also meet all criteria listed on the AIA certification application to qualify.

Hear what Tom Brennan, President of Artemis Vision, has to say: “Certification provides further assurance to our customers that our company meets the level of experience and skillset desired to specialize in vision system integration. Choosing a knowledgeable partner to implement a successful vision system is a crucial part of the process, and we hope that customers will find the value in an independent third party, such as A3, that continues to validate our engineering skills and processes.”

Ready to get started? Apply now to become an A3 Certified System Integrator!