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Harmonic Drive, LLC engineers and manufactures precision servo actuators, gearheads and gear component sets. We work closely with Fortune 500, start-ups and companies of all sizes to understand their application requirements and provide a standard or, in most cases, a custom-engineered solution to enable the success of their design project. Since the beginning, our engineering and production teams have continued to develop enabling technologies and products for the evolving motion control market. For over 50 years, Harmonic Drive has been you’re your partner for precision motion control. Today, high precision Harmonic Drive® strain wave gears continue to be engineered and manufactured by Harmonic Drive LLC in the US, Harmonic Drive SE in Germany and Harmonic Drive Systems, Inc. in Japan. With shared values, designs and quality standards, we locally serve the needs of our global customers. Harmonic Drive is a registered trademark of Harmonic Drive Systems. ISO9001 & AS9100 registered.

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Harmonic Drive® Gearing

POSTED 04/28/2015

This simple three element construction combined with the unique operating principle allows extremely high reduction ratio in a very compact and lightweight package.

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