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Acme Manufacturing is one of the earliest pioneers in surface finishing automation. Since 1910, the company has remained family-owned and operated by four generations of the Carlson family. The family has brought a steady sequence of innovations to over 20 industries on a global scale. As the premier robotic integrator in the surface finishing space, Acme has built a family culture with values that continue to drive our technology-focused mindset.

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Acme Robotic Technology Expands Footprint in Mexican Foundries, Plumbing, and Builders Hardware with Expert Team

POSTED 09/18/2020

Acme Manufacturing Company, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of integrated robotic automation for metal finishing systems, expanded its footprint into the Mexican foundry and builders hardware markets in July, presenting regional foundries with unprecedented potential for growth in robotic finishing and machine tending automation. With the pairing of two experts in the metal casting finishing and robotics industries joining forces under Acme’s direction, the company is poised to drastically enhance the industry in Mexico.

Currently, many regional foundry processes utilize ample manual labor; however, Acme has the capacity to create more efficient workflow environments by integrating anything from simple, manual metal finishing processes to advanced grinding, polishing, deburring, and buffing, as well as machine tending and factory automation technology. Isaac Serra, an expert in the metal casting finishing process, and Marcelo Americo, a robotics expert, are leading the charge in Acme’s opportunity to apply these new technologies in places that previously have not used them.

Serra brings over 25 years of metal casting finishing experience to the team. A chemist at heart, Serra has improved technologies and sold premium minerals to the abrasive, ceramic, refractory, and foundry industries in South America, Mexico, and the United States. He has the knowledge and experience to recognize where automation can improve a metal casting finishing process.

“I’m pleased to help Mexican foundries enhance their production with Acme’s technology,” Serra stated. “Making smart investments in new technology can bring more opportunitites to grow manufacturing in our continent with competitive cost.”

Americo has over 30 years of experience in the finishing industry as a robotics, equipment, and consumbables specialist in Acme’s Brazilian territory. Responsible for over 100 robotic arms in the Latin American market, Americo brings a unique resource in both regional experience and technical process knowledge.

“When it comes to robots, the possibilities are endless,” Americo said. “I can’t wait to apply this technology to foundry and builders hardware processes.”

With these two experts joining forces, Acme’s foothold in the Latin American foundry market has unlimited potential. Moving into a new market with Serra and Americo at the helm, Acme’s technology has the potential to drastically reinvigorate Latin American foundry production.

For more information, contact Isaac Serra directly at 1-724-561-5231, and contact Marcelo Americo at 55-11-99296-9256.