Raw Materials (Iron, Steel, Magnet, Rare Earths, Copper, etc.)

Raw Materials (Iron, Steel, Magnet, Rare Earths, Copper, etc.) Image

Motion control and motor components are made from a wide variety of materials. In their raw, unfinished form, these materials often include iron, copper, steel, rare earths, and magnets.

Iron, copper, and steel are used in a wide variety of automation devices. Rare earths and magnets are as well, but they are used most often in motors, which require permanent magnets and electromagnets.

Permanent magnets exert a force on objects without any outside influence. Some permanent magnets are naturally occurring, such as the iron ore magnetite, while other permanent magnets can be made by subjecting certain materials to a magnetic force. When the force is removed, these materials retain their own magnetic properties.

Electromagnets are made by surrounding certain materials with a coil of wire. When an electric current is passed through the coil, these materials exert a magnetic force. When the current is shut off, the magnetic force of these materials drops to nearly zero.

Rare earths are mined elements used to create small but powerful permanent magnets and electromagnets. These rare earth magnets are in high demand as they possess a stronger magnetic pull than other magnetic resources and enable greater performance in a lighter, more compact design.

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