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Linear and Rotary Compact Optical Encoders

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Linear and Rotary Compact Optical Encoders — Veratus, Optira, Mercury™ and ChipEncoder™ Series

Veratus™ Series

Built with MicroE’s new VeraPath™ technology, the Veratus delivers best-in-class dirt immunity in a compact package with unparalleled ease of use. All interpolation, AGC, and signal processing is performed in the sensor head. No additional PCBs, adapters or dongles are necessary.


Optira™ Series
Combining MicroE’s patented PurePrecision™ technology with state-of-the-art electronics and signal processing, the Optira delivers unprecedented performance in an incredibly small and lightweight package, providing resolution of up to 5nm with all AGC, interpolation, and signal processing performed in the sensor head.


Mercury™ Series
Renowned PCB-mounted MicroE Mercury™ Encoders deliver up to 4.2 million CPR resolution in an extremely compact and light package (5.6mm installed height, 2g weight), enabling machine and instrument designers to achieve rapid accelerations and high throughput in applications where size and mass are critical. The tiny sensor fits into very tight spaces and has broad alignment tolerances for fast and easy setup.


ChipEncoder™ Series
ChipEncoder™ is a modular digital interface SMT kit encoder system that combines small size with high resolution. ChipEncoder models feature built-in interpolation and mount directly on your PC board, providing significant space and cost savings through design integration.


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