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Numurus Solves a Critical AI Technology Gap with NEPI Software for Robotic, Smart Sensing and Edge-AI Development

POSTED 02/14/2023

SEATTLE, Feb. 6, 2023 – Numurus LLC, a leading provider of smart system solutions, today announced NEPI, the first commercially available, open-source software that solves a critical AI technology gap by offering smart solution developers a turnkey alternative to building low-level AI middleware in-house.

In today’s smart solution development landscape many companies build the same low-level software as their competitors, creating a sea of disconnected software that provides little competitive advantage. The extra burden of developing low-level software increases the cost and time it takes developers to deliver mature, customer-ready smart solutions. Similar problems were at major technology revolutions like PCs and servers in the ‘90s and smartphones over a decade ago. Numurus is addressing the low-level software technology gap for AI enabled products with its flagship product NEPI, an open-source software distribution for robotic, smart sensing and Edge-AI applications, which will enable this rapidly growing market to reach its true potential across all industries.

Numurus’ NEPI smart system software integrates complex, disparate industry 4.0 technologies like advanced sensor and motor drivers, Edge-AI management tools, remote user interfaces, Internet-of-Things (IOT) communications, Robot Operating System (ROS) interfaces and other smart system technologies into one commercial software offering designed for embedded GPU processors like NVIDIA’s Jetson processor family. With NEPI, smart solution developers can bring products to market faster because they can bypass the development and integration of these technologies that are necessary for a product ready solution. 

In addition to NEPI, Numurus also offers professional design services for deployment, customization and prototyping of NEPI-based solutions with engineers specialized in AI, robotics, and smart sensing. When combined with the NEPI software package, Numurus’ professional services staff can help customers resolve issues quickly, reduce risk and create smart products faster.

By choosing NEPI, smart solution developers can leverage our 5-year development investment and speed up the delivery of their own innovations. Never before has there been an open-source, commercial software offering created exclusively for robotic, smart sensing and Edge-AI applications. We look forward to speaking with customers about their smart product development challenges and the powerful capabilities NEPI provides in helping them achieve industry 4.0 transformation,” said Numurus chief product officer Shanif Merchant.

Launch customer WESMAR, an Inov8v Marine Group Company, chose NEPI and Numurus professional services team to accelerate their sonar product line modernization efforts and to reduce their need to hire additional engineers in an already tight labor market. Within 5 months of starting their NEPI-enabled sonar project, WESMAR successfully demonstrated its next-generation smart sonar product to customers and produced ready-to-ship production systems. 

Wesmar was able to demonstrate and deliver smart sonar sensors to our customers within 5 months with NEPI software and Numurus professional services. They have gone above and beyond our expectations, and we are very pleased to have their support as we look to apply NEPI across our entire product line,” said Roger Fellows, president of Inov8v Marine Group.

Like WESMAR, many companies recognize that adding AI and IoT capabilities to their products can significantly increase customer value and provide competitive advantages in a growing commoditized environment. These companies also recognize they must get smart products to their customers fast. Yet, like WESMAR, they struggle with developing such solutions due to limited budgets and engineering resources. Numurus’ NEPI smart system software and professional services solves these problems by offering an alternative to proprietary, low-level software development, helping companies get their smart products to the market faster.


About Numurus

Numurus helps companies reduce the cost, time, and risks associated with bringing Edge-AI and robotic applications to market with its patent-pending, flagship product NEPI, an open-source Linux software distribution that accelerates the development of smart solutions. Our goal is to help developers focus on the end customer solution and offload low-level middleware to NEPI, reducing development times from years to months for new smart products. Numurus also provides its customers access to NEPI professional services with AI, robotic, and smart sensing specialized engineers that further accelerate NEPI-enabled solution implementation efforts.


About NEPI

NEPI is an open-source Linux software distribution for robotic, smart sensing and Edge-AI applications that simplifies the integration of disparate, complex software into a single commercial offering. NEPI provides the underlying operating system and middleware software solution with advanced sensor and motor drivers, Edge-AI management tools, remote user interfaces, IoT connectivity, ROS interfaces, and additional specialized technologies. A cost-effective alternative to internal development, NEPI enables developers and integrators to bring smart products to the market fast.  Watch NEPI video here.