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We create flexible, autonomous material handling solutions that automate even the most complex warehouse processes by designing and implementing visual autonomous mobile robots based on advanced AI and 3D vision technologies combined with enterprise software solutions.

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Gideon Ranked a Top Innovator by ABI Research

POSTED 03/30/2021

The global tech advisory firm ABI Research has ranked Gideon Brothers among the Top Innovators in their latest Industrial Robotics for Material Handling Competitive Ranking report.  

Rian Whitton, Senior Analyst at ABI Research, notes that Gideon Brothers is one of only a handful of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) vendors that rely on stereo vision and 3D visual sensing to help their robots navigate. “They are developing genuine AMRs that can dynamically map the environment in 3D, triangulate natural features and reroute, setting Gideon Brothers apart from competitors in the current AMR space. Their competency in the understanding of dense 3D geometry and semantics of the environment is their competitive strength resulting in more flexibility for vision-based AMR’s and thus a broader range of potential use-cases,” says Rian Whitton.

 The advisory firm forecasts an incredible surge in sales of AMRs for material handling over the next decade. The revenues in this market segment are expected to grow from US$800 million to US$49 billion in 2030. AMRs are thus set to take over a major share of the wider autonomous material handling market, that ABI Research forecasts to grow from US$7.4 billion in 2020 to US$85 billion in 2030.  

The Competitive Ranking report, notes ABI Research, aims to help users understand “the strongest horses in this race” and provides detailed profiles for “ten of the most promising vendors”, including Gideon Brothers. The vendors are ranked based on scores for several innovation and implementation criteria, and machine vision, for example, is a key element of the innovation score. 

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