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Automate 2022 Attendees Can See Mujin-Powered Mixed-Case Depalletizing & Palletizing Solution In The Shape Process Automation Booth #805

POSTED 06/02/2022

Robotic system integrator and process cutting solutions provider Shape Process Automation (SPA) and robotics technology company Mujin recently announced a collaboration to enhance SPA’s robotic automation solutions with Mujin’s intelligent robotics platform.  At Automate 2022 Show and Conference June 6-9 in Detroit, SPA and Mujin will showcase a Mujin-powered mixed-case depalletizing and palletizing solution.

The SPA/Mujin collaboration is designed to more quickly bring difficult-to-automate tasks such as mixed-case depalletizing and palletizing to a greater number of warehouses and manufacturing facilities throughout North America. SPA is an integrator for the top robotic manufacturers, including Fanuc, one of several robot arms compatible with Mujin’s flagship product, the MujinController. To facilitate these applications, the MujinController uses machine intelligence, a type of AI that automatically manages potential downtime scenarios through perception, autonomous decision making, and real-time motion planning without the need for human intervention.

“The joining of Shape Process Automation’s and Mujin’s advanced technology and system integration capabilities will allow us to enhance our customers manufacturing operations, as well as discover new opportunities within Industrial Automation,” said Nino LaDuca, president, Shape Process Automation Group. “This partnership came at a perfect time since we are celebrating 50 years of providing intelligent automation solutions worldwide.”

Ross Diankov, co-founder of Mujin, expects immediate benefits for joint customers struggling to automate the labor-intensive depalletizing and palletizing applications, among others. “SPA’s experience and reputation in deploying robotics automation solutions make them an ideal fit as Mujin seeks to empower the North American logistics market with Mujin’s revolutionary machine intelligence,” Diankov said. “Together, we can accelerate a new wave of robotics technology in the U.S. and help to advance the vision of a completely autonomous warehouse.”

In addition to the Mujin-powered depalletizing and palletizing application, Shape Process Automation will also feature its innovative robotic laser cutting solution showcasing how its Newton technology can increase part throughput and dimensional quality compared to traditional CNC cutting processes, specifically when dealing with EV lightweight materials. This demo will specifically focus on how battery trays can be manufactured and assembled.

Visit Shape and Mujin in booth 805 in Automate’s Integrated Solutions Center, dedicated to automation, robotics and machine integrators.

Mujin’s Brandon Coats to Discuss Intelligent Robotics for the Modern Warehouse

At Automate, Mujin director of system integration, Brandon Coats, will discuss how logistics facilities can leverage intelligent robotics—through the new approach to robotics called Machine Intelligence —to optimize and deploy more robotic systems into production and into new, more advanced applications. Coats’ conference presentation is at 3:30 p.m. on June 7.