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Trio Motion Technology is a specialized source of high performance motion control technology, a field of automation, encompassing the systems involved in moving parts of machines, robots or motors in a precise and controlled manner. The main components involved typically include a motion controller, drives and motors or actuators.

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Estun Automation’s Dynacon Industrial Ltd. acquires Trio Motion Technology

POSTED 02/16/2017

On February 5, Dynacon Industrial Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Estun Automation, paid 15.5 million pounds in cash to acquire Trio Motion Technology Ltd. (Trio). 

Founded in 1987, TRIO is headquartered in Tewkesbury, UK and has subsidiaries in the United States, China and India. Since its inception, Trio has been dedicated to the field of industrial automation to provide high precision and high reliability motion control technology. Trio is now one of the leading global companies in the motion control industry. The company's major products are multi-axis general-purpose motion controllers, motion control cards, robot controllers, human-computer interaction touch screens (HMIs), and input and output expansion modules. The products are widely applied in various industries including packaging machinery, 3C electronic machinery, printing machinery, industrial robots, food production lines, entertainment industry and more. 

The acquisition is regarded as an extensive development of Estun around the upstream and downstream industries of the core functional components for intelligent equipment, and will also support the implementation of the company’s "double-core, double-wheel drive" strategy. 

The values of the acquisition are reflected in the following aspects. First, it helps Estun build its global competitiveness in core functional components for intelligent equipment.  

Secondly, Trio has accumulated top technology and a large customer base in the motion control field in recent decades and is one of the world's leading companies in the field. This will enhance the company's competitiveness in motion control solutions. 

Third, by combining two strong enterprises, Estun’s AC servo systems and Trio’s motion control systems, the company is able to provide complex motion control solutions to its high-end large customers. 

ESTUN has two foreign subsidiaries in Turkey and India, 19 domestic offices, 48 domestic and foreign agents and 39 product joint-guarantee service providers.