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ECM's Chris Fielding To Speak on The Future of Electric Motors at MDSM 2024

POSTED 02/08/2024

Fielding will illustrate how disruptive innovation and shifting market demands will reshape the design, production, and performance of electric machines.   


Needham, Mass – Chris Fielding, VP for Application Engineering US electric motor design and software company ECM PCB Stator Tech, will speak at the 2024 Motor Drive Systems and Magnetics Conference (MDSM) in Orlando, Florida on Wed., Feb. 14, at 1:30pm.  

MDSM is the world's leading conference and expo focused on the latest technical advancements in motors, drive systems, motion control, magnetic applications, and rare earth materials. 

In a keynote session titled, “The Future of Electric Motors: Demand in The Billions, Regulatory Mandates, and Design Optimization”, Fielding will present a deep dive into coming electric motor market movements, technology, and design innovation. 

Macro trends—such as mass electrification and automation—are pushing global demand for specialized electric motors to over a billion units annually in a sector projected to reach over $300 billion in annual value

Analysts project this booming electric motor need will occur in a long list of verticals: HVAC equipment, e-mobility, consumer electronics, household appliances, robotics, medical devices, aerospace, defense, and unmanned vehicles.  

Another force influencing the future of electric motors is the push for more sustainable design and performance. With an eye on energy savings, large economic blocks (such as the US and EU) continue to advance design legislation to mandate electric motor efficiency. That is largely motivated by the fact that outdated electric motor systems account for over 50 percent of the world’s electricity consumption, while contributing significantly to carbon emissions. 

This all comes together to present a critical question. How to satisfy the needs of a world projected to demand billions of electric motors annually—with very specific design and sustainability requirements—across hundreds of verticals? 

From this context, ECM's VP for Application Engineering  Chris Fielding will offer valuable insight on the following:  

The Eletric Motor Market: Now and Forward 

  • Drivers of Demand Regulatory Pressures 
  • Why Past Practices Won’t Power The Future 

Conventional vs. Disruptive Design 

  • Tech and Innovation Snapshot 
  • Axial Flux vs. Radial Flux  
  • Copper Wound vs. PCB Stator 

Meeting 21st Century Demand and Design Optimization 

  • Achieving Precise Form Factor and Spec Requirements 
  • Ecodesign Mandates and How to Comply 
  • Controllers and Total System Efficiency 
  • Why Advanced Motor CAD and SaaS Offer the Solution 

Attendance to Fielding’s presentation is open to all MDSM 2024 attendees. For more information about his parent company, ECM PCB Stator Tech (or to connect directly at MDSM), see information below.   


About ECM 

ECM PCB Stator Tech?uses advanced Motor CAD and patented PCB Stator—printed circuit board—technology to create next generation electric motors for multiple applications. ECM’s award-winning PrintStator??software powers the design, manufacture, and integration of PCB Stator motors that are lighter, quieter, and more energy and space efficient across a broad range of use cases. ECM designed motors achieve efficiencies in excess of 90 percent while requiring up to 70 percent less raw materials to produce.  

ECM has collaborated with multiple organizations to create optimized motor solutions across a variety of verticals: HVAC, Consumer Electronics, E-Mobility, Fitness, Medical, Robotics, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defense, and more. 

ECM’s design partners include aerospace and defense innovator?L3 Harris, global electronics manufacturer?Celestica, and consumer electronics startup?Nodo Film Systems

ECM is a 2024 CES Innovation Awards Honoree and winner of four International SaaS Awards—including SaaS Solution of The Year, Best SaaS Product For CSR, Sustainability And ESG, and Best SaaS Product For Engineering Management, PLM Or CAD. ECM’s PrintStator software is also a Machine Design IDEA Awards and Design World LEAP Awards winner. 

ECM maintains offices in Boston (MA), Bozeman (MT), and two locations in Europe

You can learn more about ECM’s PCB Stator technology and PrintStator Motor CAD platform at www.pcbstator.com and via this video: “How Does a PCB Stator Work?” For inquiries regarding PCB motors and custom solutions contact [email protected]

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