A Platform for Learning and Sharing on Motion Control

Machines are communicating flawlessly with each other in some of the factories of today and the interactivity will increase in more production facilities in the near future. Data flowing seamlessly to track productivity has gone from the drawing board into the daily life of companies, especially global brands with state-of-the-art production facilities.

There are mission critical parts of the Internet of Things (IOT) that can be easy to overlook. A technical paper on the website of Motion Control Motor Association (MCMA), Industry 4.0-based Network Manager Ensures Solid Industrial Connectivity, states a basic premise that “If the connection fails, all data communication from field devices to back-end servers and cloud networks will be halted, disrupting the operation of Industry 4.0.”

Insights shared in the article point to the benefits of membership in MCMA, a trade group that started in 2006 to promote the understanding and use of motion control and related technologies.

Share as an Expert

Standing out in a crowded marketplace isn’t easy and even getting noticed in a niche market can be tough if it’s dominated by large brands. The MCMA is a 200-member organization with specific benefits that includes having a platform to share insights, company news, and receive discounts on important trainings.

The tech paper referenced on the IOT was supplied by Nexcom and shows how MCMA helps a company get its message to the right audience.

Members have a variety of backgrounds including companies that are suppliers and manufacturers; distributors; system integrators; and academic researchers and students.

Articles get noticed by readers who are already interested in the subject matter.

Other membership benefits include networking, training and education, and referral and sales leads.

Learn from the Experts

MCMA also gives a journalistic perspective on important topics like the one made in this article Industrial Internet of Things: Sifting Reality from Hype. Industry veterans describe how the industrial market is lagging behind the consumer market but is expected to catch up and management teams can benefit from the data stream.

Technology enhances productivity and profitability for companies of all sizes. Knowing what is factual compared to hype and how to implement the information in a business operation isn’t easy.

MCMA is part of a tech “eco-system” under the umbrella of the Association for Advancing Automation. Two other partner organizations include the Robotic Industries Association and AIA: Advancing Vision and Imaging.

Each organization offers free resources with articles, videos, and webinars and they play a key role in setting industry standards in the specific disciplines of robotics, machine vision, and motion control.

Training is an integral part of MCMA’s mission, including offering courses of the Motor and Motion College.

Being well-informed is critical when information and technology is developing as rapidly and widely as the opinions on use and value. Get the facts with the resources available on A3.