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OPTICS - IMAGING - AUTOMATION Opto manufacturers unique Compact embedded Imaging Modules with on board Camera/Lens/Light/Intelligence as one unit with one wire, ´plug and play` to machine builders and OEMs for industrial and biomedical applications. Opto reduces all solutions to their needs in Size, Weight, Price to add maximized Value for the Photonic and Machine Vision Markets.


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Hello, I was looking through a lot of GigE Vision compliant cameras and I could not find one camera that support All-In packets. Could you provide a manufacture that do ?


take a look at our new Imaging Modules, which are a perfect combination of optics, illumination, sensor, and electronic control interface to deliver a perfect image. The ones that are ready to sell come with USB 3.0, but during the year we will also have GigE Vision compliant cameras available. It might be useful for you to subscribe to our Newsletter to be well informed and take a look at this page:

Best regards, Christiane Riedi-von Scheven Product Marketing Opto GmbH, Germany

Christiane Riedi-von Scheven
+4 (989) 898-0550

Hi, I am looking for inspection system which can works for my 2pc alluminium can line to detect the inside defects on the can. Please suggest any ideas


our Cylinder Inspector Quick Test might work for you:

But I admit, it might not be the cheapest solution as this is designed for automobile cylinders.

Best regards, Christiane Riedi-von Scheven Opto GmbH, Germany

Christiane Riedi-von Scheven
+4 (989) 898-0550

What would be the best lighting solution for inspecting glass parts within a polycarbonate plastic enclosure?

Hi Kyle,

our new Imaging Modules, and Digital Microscope have both a Coaxial LED and a Ringlight LED, which you can use on option:

Take a look at our homepage:

If you send us samples, we can make tests for you. Sometimes we use a light source from above and a mirror underneath.

Are you already using a Microscope - which one?

Contact us at:

Christiane Riedi-von Scheven
+4 (989) 898-0550

We are producing refrigerant, and we would like to make a visual inspection at the end of the process, so we are searching for a proper light color or intensity.

Dear Deniz, just saw your request. Have a look at This is a Machine Vision Microscope that you can mount quite easily to your production area and gives you the opportunity to aquire color images with coaxial or ring light in the same device. As the magnification and Aperutre is quit high it should give you nice effects to be able to get a good indication about your sample. Markus

Markus Riedi
+4 (989) 898-0550

How can we detect an object that is the same color as the background?

Dear Radhakrishnan. We have with solino a technology in place to analyze the reflections of surfaces with an RTI aproach and a photometric stereo Input. See here That could do the job. Feel free study it it something for you. Best regards.

Markus Riedi
+4 (989) 898-0550