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Published on: 04/03/2019

Last Reply on: 05/30/2019

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Good morning, I am carrying out experiments on fish behaviour and for that I need to be filming the trials. In the past I have used CCTV cameras (one at each side of the tank where the fish are) and even though the quality is good, I require a single camera with a wide range to capture the whole tank from above. I have also tried a GoPro 3 hero, and the range is good, yet the image quality is not the best under the low light conditions of the room and I can't spot the fish when watching the videos. The room is illuminated mainly with red lamps. I would like your opinion on this - which type of camera I should be looking for and preferably with a software that allows controlling the camera through a computer/tablet. The tank is 7 metres in length and the ceiling above it around 3 metres high. Thank you!

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Hello Luisa, Unfortunately, VST handles only North America. However, let me make a few suggestions and comments to help you. 1) Silicon is sensitive in the near infrared. If you are using a color camera, the camera mostly likely has a infrared cutoff filter in order to remove the double spectral peaks in the red and green CFA spectral response. Monochrome would give you the best in sensitivity. 2) Depending on how fast your fish are moving, a consumer grade camera like the GoPro will display a distorted image due to a rolling shutter (i.e. a picture of drone blades looks curved when the blades are actual straight). A camera with a global shutter would eliminate motion blur (image looks soft at areas of movement). I would recommend the Teledyne 4020 that has a Sony IMX-304 sensor. Color or mono is available. The interface is GigE which is easy to attached to a laptop or if you Tablet has a expansion adapter to the charging port, you can use a USB3 to GigE adapt.

Hello Luisa, check out our web site at, one of our reseller in the UK can help you find the right camera and he can quote you our Streampix recording DVR.

Luc Nocente from NorPix, Inc. | 05/30/2019