A3 Robotics Safety Training Collaborative Robot Applications

Collaborative Robot Safety Training Course Syllabus

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Robot safety overview

  • Standards
  • Safety requirements
  • Safeguarding
  • Risk assessment
  • Concept of collaboration

Standard safety requirements

  • Review of requirements in the ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012
  • Robot
  • Robot system
  • Applications

Collaborative safety requirements

  • Introduction to ISO/TS 15066 (TR R15.606)

Methods used for collaborative applications

  • Safety rated stop
  • Hand guiding (HG)
  • Speed and separation monitoring (SSM)
  • Power and Force Limited (PFL)

Considerations for collaborative applications

  • HG
  • SSM

Considerations for PFL robot applications

  • Force/pressure
  • Contact
  • Design elements

Testing and validation

  • Introduction to TR R15.806
  • Additional TR work

Risk assessment

  • Discussion of the RIA Technical Report TR R15.306
  • Special considerations for PFL applications