Android Robo-C Humanoid Robots Made to Look Like Anyone You Want

Android Robo-C Humanoid Robots Made to Look Like Anyone You WantHumanoid robots may be the key to making robots part of everyday life. The manufacturer of the Android Robo-C hopes to see its humanoid robots working in offices and hanging out in the home. The Android Robo-C can pass for a human and can even imitate facial expressions.

Introducing the Android Robo-C

One of the most impressive features of the Android Robo-C is it can look like anyone you want. Its built-in artificial intelligence (AI) can utilize over 100,000 speech modules and show over 600 unique facial expressions. The humanoid robots are able to perform tasks like answering questions in shopping centers, museums, and office reception. They can even put in a full day’s work as they don’t need to recharge for eight hours.

The Robo-C is the first humanoid robot that can handle business processes with the appearance of a human. Dozens of Robo-C’s are already working in 35 countries in roles such as administrators, consultants, and concierges. It is anticipated that more than a thousand of these humanoid robots will be deployed by 2024.

More Humanoid Robots Arrive

Another humanoid robot, Sophia, was also designed with a remarkable life-like human appearance and the ability to express emotion. Sophia can simulate all the major muscles in the human face, enabling her to convincingly display emotions like joy, grief, and frustration. Material technology has been adapted to make her face seem soft, supple, and realistic.

Coupled with the most advanced techniques in material design is Sophia’s pre-programmed set of expressions. Her deep learning algorithms also give her the ability to display variations of expressions when a particular emotional state is appropriate. Developers incorporated their studies of neurobiology and the biology of human expression into Sophia’s AI.

Erica is another representative of humanoid robots. She is capable of engaging in a conversation and even picking out key phrases to respond to and inquire about. Erica’s designers aim to make robots look and act more human so that people are welcoming of the technology.

Many people feel that robots should only be designed to look similar to humans up to a point. Since it’s impossible to recreate the perfect human face, some find humanoid robots that look too much like a human off-putting. But when a robot looks just enough like a human, people interacting with the humanoid robot tend to feel that they are better able to anticipate how the robot will move and react.

Photo Credit: ROBO-C.AI