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A3 Certified Vision Professional - Advanced Program

The Certified Vision Professional - Advanced Program is the vision industry’s most comprehensive training program available today. The program consists of 12 in-depth online courses taught by vision industry experts that build upon the material in the CVP-Basic curriculum.

A CVP-Advanced certification is currently the highest level of distinction for vision industry professionals worldwide. Virtual testing is available with a live, proctored exam to obtain CVP-Advanced certification. CVP-Basic certification is not required to obtain CVP-Advanced status, but it is recommended. New and refreshed courses for the CVP-Basic program are now available.

An updated CVP-Advanced program will be made available later this summer.

  • Advanced Optics for Vision
  • Advanced Vision Lighting
  • Advanced Vision System Integration
  • Reliable Vision Application Development
  • Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology
  • 3D Vision System Development
  • Advanced Color Machine Vision and Applications
  • Advanced Vision Guided Robotics
  • Metrology and 2D Calibration Techniques
  • Non-Visible Imaging Theory and Techniques
  • Particle Analysis and Classification Techniques
  • Designing High-Speed and Linescan Vision Systems


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