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Captec is an award-winning designer, manufacturer, and integrator of specialist computing platforms engineered to meet the exact requirements of any application, irrespective of complexity or environmental demands. From Rugged Tablets and Industrial Computers to complex Computer Racks and innovative IoT Computing, we design to any form factor. We engineer reliability, provide comprehensive support, guarantee compliance, maximize longevity and overcome the limitations of commercial computing.

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Captec Announces Aleutia Acquisition

POSTED 01/21/2020

Captec Announces Aleutia AcquisitionCaptec, designer and manufacturer of specialist computing equipment, has announced the acquisition of Aleutia. This acquisition coupled with Captec’s experience in end-to-end industrial applications will create one of the world’s most powerful and disruptive range of computers for embedded, edge and IoT computing. 

Aleutia was founded in 2006 with the mission of supporting education in Africa. It experienced significant success in providing high performance, low cost, fanless computing to African classrooms by overcoming the challenges posed in extremely hot environments.

The computers feature an innovative thermal design that leverages the bimetallic advantages of aluminium and copper. Aluminium secures the benefits of low cost and light weight, while copper delivers high thermal conductivity and provides a distinctive aesthetic. The composition and fanless design of the computers enables silent, unthrottled performance in the most severe temperatures. 

Initial success in Africa brought widespread media attention, resulting in expansion into the healthcare and industrial sectors that recognised the value of robust, silent and low power computing. 

The next chapter will see the Aleutia legacy products redesigned and technology refreshed by Captec, then relaunched into industrial applications to provide the 8th generation of NUC solutions together with low power, low cost Celeron and ARM technologies. 

The computers will also be coupled with extended I/O connectivity options, the latest Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU modules for vision and AI-based applications, and GSM/LTE SIM options for cloud connectivity. Ultimately, this acquisition will fuel a stronger direction of travel for Captec in embedded, edge and IoT computing.

Max Toti, Founder and CEO, Captec Group, said: 

“The marriage of Aleutia’s innovative legacy products with Captec’s technical capabilities, industrial market experience and international reach will enable us to refresh, revive and reposition its computers.

We are excited to leverage this acquisition and scale it into a disruptive and visionary future portfolio for rapidly expanding markets in embedded, edge and IoT computing.”

Mike Rosenberg, Founder and Managing Director, Aleutia, said: 

“Aleutia computers are tools that help people achieve amazing things in conditions where normal computers fail, and their unique design was born out of this necessity.

I am thrilled that Captec is scaling that innovation to new heights with its disruptive push into the embedded, IoT and edge applications that are transforming our world.”

As part of its strategy to expand through acquisitions, the Aleutia deal will enable Captec to drive further growth in the UK, North American and wider export markets as it progresses rapidly towards IPO floatation.

Editors notes:

Captec has been innovating and developing specialist computers since 1985, during which time it has grown to become a recognised international industry leader with headquarters in Hampshire and a North American subsidiary in Canada. Working closely with a diverse set of customers across seven sectors, Captec is constantly innovating and developing market-leading computers for applications in transport, energy, healthcare, automation, communications, leisure, and defence and security. Captec computers cover end-to-end size and performance requirements from small, low power Internet of Things (IoT), edge computers and mobile tablets through to rackmounted computers and high performance advanced rack-based architectures. Captec computers are engineered to operate reliably in any environments ranging from the most hostile in the theatre of war, to the most clinical in oncology treatment in healthcare and everything in between. 

Aleutia began in 2006 when the founder, Mike Rosenberg, volunteered in Ghana to set up a computer classroom for street children and was faced with the challenge of failing, expensive to run second hand desktops. The costs of power and support crippled the project and he thought there must be a better way.

A year later Aleutia released its first product, a fanless energy efficient computer. Everything since then has followed the same design principle of no moving parts reliability and exceptionally low power consumption.
Aleutia’s mission is to transform education and healthcare in Africa and beyond. To show that with intelligent design, and inspired thinking, technology can have an immeasurable human impact.

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