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Our member companies are the manufacturing industry's premier system integrators with years of experience helping manufacturing professionals like you overcome the engineering obstacles that are preventing you from completing your automation project.

These engineering experts can help you:

  • Prepare and support engineering design reviews
  • Conduct and support trade studies
  • Coordinate and lead meetings
  • Troubleshoot and resolve engineering issues
  • Manage control systems and sub-systems
  • Finish verification and validation planning
  • Maintain compliance and reporting
  • Handle all documentation, change control, and traceability

Each company listed below is a certified A3 member and specializes in a unique area of automation engineering. Browse below to find the right automation system integrator who can help you and your team overcome your engineering challenges.




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3D Printing for Prototyping and More

Broadsight Systems

Through the use of CAD engineering and design, we can 3D print just about anything, whether for prototyping or a custom projec

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AI Image Tagging

Flexible Vision

Knowing that tagging images can be a tedious task for large or small image sets, Flexible Vision offers full tagging services to help streamline and scale your implementation accurately and quickly. 

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Automation Services

BlueBay Automation

We provide businesses with a variety of automation solutions. Common things that we help our customers with include automation consultations, contract manufacturing, engineering design, research and development, and application and engineering assistance.

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Certified System Integration Services

I4 Solutions, LLC

i4 Solutions, an A3 Certified System Integrator, delivers reliable fully-automated inspection solutions. Every project starts with a free technical evaluation. Services include design, software development, assembly, test, installation, training and support.

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Collaborative Robot Risk Analysis

Schmersal Inc.

Risk assessments are the starting point to any machine safeguarding initiative, even for inherently safe-by-design equipment like collaborative robots. Our engineers will evaluate your cobot application, based on requirements from ISO/TS 15066 & ISO 10218.

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Custom Fabrication

Broadsight Systems

With various sizes and materials, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and several composites, we can create a variety of custom projects.

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Custom Paint Color Matching

Broadsight Systems

Stand out or blend in. Give us a color... we'll match it! Color matching is just another one of many custom services we provide.

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Customized services

Jiangxi Xintuo Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Welcome to contact us for customization

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ESI Motion's Engineering Servo Motion Services

Embedded Systems Inc. dba ESI Motion

ESI Motion servo control systems are designed to be used in high-demand applications and require a long lifespan with years of dependable use. ESI provides consultation, concepts, design, implementation, and turn key motion solutions and systems.

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FactorySmart AI

LMI Technologies Inc.

Introducing FactorySmart AI — a full-service solution for your needs. Unlike many rule-based systems that require you to develop a one-size-fits-all model, we develop and deploy a custom AI solution to solve your high variability inspection applications.

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Fulfillment Kitting & Assembly

Broadsight Systems

We can assemble parts kits to improve company production time and efficiency.

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Machine Vision Systems Expert

senswork GmbH

senswork is an expert in machine vision systems and specializes in optical inspection, integration, industrial image processing and testing equipment manufacturing.

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Manufacturing Services


We apply the latest in advanced manufacturing techniques combined with Lean Six Sigma principles to bring your products to market—better, faster and smarter. Recognized for operational excellence and quality for highly regulated markets, we help you realize your vision—from new product launch to high-level systems assembly and ultra-high volume automated assembly.

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Measuring Services

AEON Imaging

With its laboratory equipment, AEON offers detailed assessment of camera and image sensor characteristics according to the EMVA 1288 standard and beyond. Suitable for actual needs, customers can choose from several standard measurement packages.

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Pressure and Force Limit Analysis

Schmersal Inc.

With collaborative robot applications it is reasonable to expect collisions between a human operator and the robot. Our Engineering Services group can perform the necessary pressure and force limit measurements on collaborative robots and provide analysis of the results.

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Robotic Simulation

Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company

Reduce time, cost and errors with testing that accounts for exact robotic parameters and different run-time scenarios, allowing for troubleshooting and maximum optimizations.

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Robotic System Design & Proof of Concept

Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company

Couple creativity with advanced technologies through state of the art design tools for solutions that provide lean, robust and proven results.