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How to Escape from “Pilot Purgatory” in Manufacturing

POSTED 08/23/2022

What are the ways to reduce labor costs and improve manufacturing? 

According to the report by Accenture94% of Fortune 1000 companies have experienced disruptions in the supply chain from COVID-19. However, with DOBOT, organizations can revise their mistakes by providing a chance for robots to work alongside humans. 

Giant Leap Towards Smart Manufacturing

tesla assembly area manufacturing

The 15th Shenzhen International Laser and Intelligent Equipment, Optoelectronic Technology Expo in September 2021

DOBOT’s collaborative robots are revolutionizing industrial automation. They conducted detecting, labeling, and gluing operations on an electric Tesla car. This collaboration of DOBOT and Tesla provided an efficient solution to help the automotive manufacturer escape from the ‘pilot purgatory’ in industrial automation.

Rich Features of DOBOT’s Robotic Arm

DOBOT robotic arm

CR Robotic Arm in Action

This integrated solution is a unique combination of three main functions, such as 360-degree labeling, intelligent detection and gluing on a curved surface. They make the process of industrial automation more safe and flexible. 

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  • 360-degree labeling

tesla dobot

DOBOT's CR10 in Action

Industrial robotic arms are easy to use with a 360-degree labeling feature. The feature will enhance automobile manufacturing to a new level of meeting constantly increasing production demands. DOBOT CR series is one of the examples of this strategy. For instance, the CR5 collaborative robot arms are equipped with an automatic label feeder and customized grippers. Therefore, with these functions, the cobot can become a versatile member of a team. The collaborative robot can cover a wide range of responsibilities, from picking up material to wheel pressure curing. 

  • Gluing on a curved surface  

tesla and DOBOT's first collaboration case

Tesla and DOBOT's First Collaboration Case

Automobile manufacturers are constantly seeking novel solutions for their design techniques, creating endless opportunities for robotic arms. For example, the DOBOT CR series offers multiple choice of arm lengths to use in various coating elements. In fact, CR10 has a long 6 axis robot arm to cover an extensive area that can be used in sealing or bonding. 

  • Smart Detection

cr series collaborative robot

CR series collaborative robot

Preventative measures in manufacturing are critical to ensure the high quality of products. For instance, smart detection can reduce the number of defects in automobile engine brackets or other parts of automobile industrialization. This is a smart solution to building effective automobile manufacturing. 

The DOBOT CR collaborative robots are accurate and intelligent. They have a precision of up to 0.007 inches. That is why the CR series is perfect for machine tending, screw fastening, assembly, welding pits, burn-through defects, quality inspection, and other applications. 

The collaboration of DOBOT’s robotic arm and Tesla’s industrial engineering revolutionized the standard manufacturing process. It also transformed the traditional production lines into intelligent and flexible automation. As a result, this innovation has led to growing efficiency and reduced labor costs

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