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Vecna Robotics is the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) company that helps distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing organizations streamline their materials handling and logistics operations. Pivotalâ„¢, our proprietary orchestration engine, integrates with existing warehouse management systems for a coordinated approach that maximizes throughput, operational efficiency, and human + robot collaboration. Our robots are backed with 24/7 US-based live support and proactive monitoring for industry-leading 99%+ uptime.

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Dan Patt, CEO Of Vecna Robotics, To Lead Panel At Future Of Logistics Tech Summit

POSTED 10/24/2018

Dan Patt, CEO of Vecna Robotics, will serve on a discussion panel at the Future of Logistic Tech Summit, hosted by Miami Lab Ventures on November 14 in Miami, FL. The panel, titled Autonomous Technology in Logistics, will be held from 3:45 – 4:30 PM. Patt and Nabil Malouli, VP of Customer Solutions & Innovation at DHL, will lead the discussion.

Patt and Malouli will discuss the present and future state of robotic technology, specifically its role within the supply chain and the digital transformation taking route among the industrial and logistics sectors. They will address how new technologies are tackling increased e-commerce demand and customer expectations for faster, more convenient delivery.

Patt previously served as Deputy Director for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Strategic Technology Office (STO). He joined Vecna earlier this year and successfully led the company through their first round of funding, acquiring a $13.5M investment from Drive Capital. As the company grows, Dan and Vecna seek to empower people in the age of robotics. High-value work cannot be achieved by robots alone. The real value is created through collective contribution in workflows, combining the individual strengths of humans and robots to yield superior economic results.

Malouli overseas development of innovative logistics projects that support global Fortune 500 companies. With his team, he manages and grows relationships with these companies to develop high growth initiatives related to E-commerce, digitalization, big data, drones, autonomous vehicles, automation & robotics.

About Vecna Robotics
Vecna Robotics delivers Automated Material Handling, Hybrid Fulfillment, and Workflow Optimization solutions featuring self-driving vehicles driven by a learning autonomy stack. Their solutions are delivering value to customers in the distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors. Vecna Robotics’ unique orchestration engine technology, Pivot.al, allows diverse robot types and humans to work together seamlessly and to flexibly yield an adaptive business solution, capable of meeting the increasingly unpredictable market needs.

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