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Automated Gluing and Dispensing with DOBOT

POSTED 06/17/2022

Did you know that the adhesive market experienced a booming sales effect for Asia Pacific market?

According to the Association of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry, in 2020, there has been a booming effect of rising gluing sales for €18,200 million, making the Asia Pacific market 36.8% of the whole global market. It makes the adhesive market one of the leading industries in the world manufacturing arena.

Hence, knowing how to make the process more transparent and optimized can reach the target and reduce consumable costs.

The way to make it happen is by implementing a collaborative robot into production assembly lines. Cobots are versatile in their diverse use across various industries, including but not limited to automotive, agricultural, 3C, education, and others. Designing and enhancing collaborative robots can help humans operate in many application areas of manufacturing and automation, such as pick-and-place, handling, palletizing. Cobots are responsible for optimizing production lines, constantly filling a labor skill gap.

Automatic Gluing at DOBOT with MG400

Being one of the most leading applications with robotic arm use, many manufacturers have already started implementing a cobot to adhesive optimization.

Traditional VS Automatic Gluing

Traditional VS Automatic Gluing

There are a significant amount of manufacturers using traditional dispensing in various industries.


Let us consider the main benefits of implementing and using traditional dispensing systems.

Benefits of the Traditional Gluing Process:

  • high-quality control and manual check-up
  • fast dispensing process
  • the greater flexibility in some cases

Manual Gluing Process

To compare traditional adhesive gluing with automated one, manual handling has advantages in providing high-quality control and fixing the errors on spot. While collaborative robot arms should obtain a vision system to control the quality, at the same time, a human responsible for the dispensing process is in charge of quality control and regular check-ups. Although some cobots series can provide you with this option, the price range might bite.

Although the traditional sense of gluing powered by a human is simpler and whereas faster, large-scale cobots can improve glue dispensing by increasing its efficiency and accuracy.

Benefits of Automatic Adhesive Dispensers:

Short Set-up Time for Automatic Adhesive Dispensers

  • diversity of industrial spheres
  • short set-up time
  • multiple software choices
  • optimized small batches production
  • increased accuracy level

Pain Points in the Traditional Gluing Technology and Dispensing

Manual Gluing

Despite the advantages of manual handling gluing, manufacturers still need to consider several pain points.

While determining pain points in traditional gluing, we need to cover the following issues:  

  • dangerous working conditions
  • high labor costs
  • slow set-up time
  • lack of skills to provide manual dispensing in advanced manufacturing types
  • repeatability issue
  • fluid waste

Solutions to Pain Points

Are You Ready to Take a Shot with Robotic Arm?

Collaborative robots can increase precision and reduce consumable costs. They also can eliminate dangerous working conditions and slow set-up time. A lot of manufacturers are concerned about the fluid waste in manual gluing. Thus, cobots will save costs by providing the right amount of liquid without any waste.

The perk of using cobot is keeping up with the growing repeatability while at the same time preserving the quality of operations. Making repeated actions can influence the humans’ quality like they can feel tired or bored. However, cobots will not focus on this issue, as they do not possess any feelings, making them perfect for hard, repetitive work.

DOBOT MG400 Optimizes Adhering Industrialization

DOBOT’s MG400 is the most cost-effective robotic arm to optimize the manufacturing process in dispensing. MG400 can provide quality control through a vision system. Thus, even in times of COVID-19, it can help enhance automation technologies and boost sales.


Countdown is ON Towards Automated Dispensing System

Although a significant amount of organizations use traditional gluing in terms of its high-quality control and flexibility, and automated gluing and dispensing system can become a solution for manufacturers to optimize their production lines.

Make your choice. The countdown is ON.


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