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Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Award

The World's Most Prestigious Robotics Honor

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A3 Robotics (formerly the Robotic Industries Association) is proud to announce the first annual Joseph F. Engelberger Foundation Robotics Grants.

Mr. Engelberger, known as the “Father of Robotics,” was known throughout the world as the founding force behind industrial robotics. Sadly, Mr. Engelberger passed away on December 1, 2015. A3 Robotics honors his legacy through its annual Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Awards. Now, we can further honor and remember him through annual grants that will be awarded through his foundation.

Though Mr. Engelberger’s first foray into robotics was in the industrial space, he was very interested in creating a service robot that could be used in the home or to help the elderly. The foundation will award two annual $7,500 grants. The categories are:

Elder Care Robotics
$7,500 grant awarded to a company, research organization or university that is working on a useful home robotic application for elder care.  



Women in Service Robotics
$7,500 grant awarded to a woman working in a company, research organization or university focused on developing a service robot application to solve a real world problem.



Award Criteria

Both of these awards will focus on work that is close to commercialization or already commercialized with potential to solve major challenges that impact the usefulness of robotics in elder care and service robotics.

Criteria questions include:

  • Why should the nominee be selected to receive this grant?
  • Please provide a detailed description of the work they are being nominated for.
  • How has the nominee demonstrated leadership in the area of service or elder care robotics?
  • How many years has the nominee been involved in robotics?
  • What major accomplishments has the nominee achieved in their career?

JFE Foundation Awards Committee will include robotics industry leaders and Gay Engelberger.


2022 Foundation Grant Winner

Labrador Systems
2022 Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Grant Recipient

Labrador Systems is the first-ever recipient of the Engelberger Foundation grant, awarded for their groundbreaking efforts to address significant needs among the aging population, and pioneering work on a new generation of assistive robots.